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Anything you post can become part of your online reputation and your online brand for the rest of your digital life. So before you post, ask yourself:

  • Could this hurt others?
  • Would I share this with my parents?
  • Could this endanger opportunities for my future?

Remember the Internet is permanent, vast and always listening. Any one of your selfies could show up at your first job interview.

Tip: Carefully select the pictures you share. A simple photo can ruin your reputation.
online safety

online safety

What potential online risk concerns you the most?

  • 28% Financial loss
  • 08% Loss of job due to tarnished online reputation
  • 10% Online information damaging relationships with family/friends
  • 06% Being bullied or harassed online
  • 12% Loss of personal privacy
  • 09% Poor performance of computer
  • 06% Data loss
  • 17% Finding spyware, adware, or other tracking software on my devices
  • 05% I do not have concerns about going online

What is the greatest benefit the Internet has brought to your life?

  • 40% Learning
  • 16% Socializing
  • 14% Exploring
  • 07% Conducting business
  • 14% Entertainment
  • 09% Other

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