Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Digital Literacy Curriculum. 

Why is the new Digital Literacy course unavailable? 

We believe digital skills are critical for everyone, that’s why we’re always looking for ways to help improve how you can learn digital skills. Currently, we are reworking our Digital Literacy courses to be easily digestible, adding more step-by-step bite sized tutorials in an interactive environment.

When will the new course be available?  

Currently, we are unable to provide a specific date. More details will be released as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

Are there any other options available for accessing the information?

Learners can still access the older version of the course and localized content at

If I received my certificate from the new Digital Literacy course, can I print another copy?  

Unfortunately, this is not currently an option. 

Who is the Digital Literacy Course for?

The Digital Literacy Course is for anyone with basic reading skills who wants to learn the fundamentals of using digital technologies.  The curriculum is written at a reading level like that of most newspapers around the world. Learners who complete the curriculum will understand basic computing concepts and skills.

What are the system requirements for the Digital Literacy course?

Make sure you have the most up to date web browser (i.e: Most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera), operating system, and a good Internet connection (500+ Kbps speed).

Can I access this course without an internet connection?

No, Not at this time. Microsoft is currently evaluating plans and developing a downloadable, offline learning experience for the new Digital Literacy content.  This experience will be featured on the homepage when it is available.

What if I don’t use Microsoft products, or have older versions installed?

The Digital Literacy Course can be completed without the use of Microsoft products by watching the lesson videos, which include demonstration videos.   Students who have access to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, and Windows can reinforce their learning through hands-on practice after watching the videos.

What is the Digital Literacy Certificate Test?

The Certificate Test is a final course assessment that consists of 30 multiple-choice questions that cover key learning objectives from all modules of the Digital Literacy course.  If you receive a passing score of 70% or higher on the Certificate Test, you can print your free Digital Literacy Certificate.

What is the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate?

Learners who receive a passing score on the Digital Literacy Certificate Test can print out a personalized Digital Literacy Certificate. The certificate is a validation of skills learned.

Can I take the assessment and get a certificate without taking the course?

Yes.  You are not required to complete the course before attempting the Digital Literacy Certificate Test.  However, we recommend using the ungraded course knowledge checks at the end of some lessons to verify your understanding of the content before attempting the Certificate Test.

When do I take the Digital Literacy assessment?

You can take the Certificate Test whenever you feel ready. If you are completely new to digital technology, you will have more success completing the course modules and knowledge check questions prior to taking the Certificate Test. If you have more digital experience, you may choose to take the knowledge check questions first to verify your understanding against the course learning objectives.   If you are confident about your Digital Literacy skills, you may take the Certificate Test right away.

I closed the final exam or closed my browser; do I have to start over?

As long as the user opens the course in the same browser session (means not in private mode and has not cleared cookies), the user can continue their exam from where they left off. All lessons completed are ticked in green. Video which is not completed will play where it left.

I lost my Digital Literacy Certificate?  Can I reprint it?

Yes, the user can download the certificate again from the course player page by entering their first name, last name and the certificate number.

Is the curriculum for classroom use or individual study?

The curriculum is designed to be effective for self-paced individual study or classroom use.  If you are completing the course through independent study, you can read the lessons, watch the videos, and complete the knowledge checks without further instruction.  In a classroom environment, the curriculum may be used to supplement additional classroom courseware, or it may be used on its own, depending on the choices made by your instructor or learning center.

In what order should I take the lessons?

If you are new to computing, you should start with the Work with Computers module and work your way through the rest of the course.  Each module is designed to stand alone if needed, so you can skip a module or lesson and move to the next one if you already have experience with a topic.  We recommend using the knowledge check questions to verify your understanding before moving to a new lesson.

How much time is required to complete the entire Digital Literacy course?

The time commitment required to complete the course will vary by student and experience level.  We estimate at least 1.5 hours per module, or 9 hours to complete full course.

Are there any supporting resources available for instructors?

Microsoft is evaluating plans and developing instructor materials for Digital Literacy version 5.  These will be featured on the site when they are available.

What should I do if I need help understanding or using the curriculum content?

Get your questions answered in the Digital Literacy Community Forum. It’s the place to ask for help, report a problem and get advice.

The online videos will not play or are freezing. What do I do?

Try to refresh the browser.

Where can I find someone who can answer my question?

Get your questions answered in the Digital Literacy Community Forum. It’s the place to ask for help, report a problem and get advice.

Where can I post suggestions or feedback?

Your comments are appreciated. Please connect with us on the Digital Literacy Community Forum.