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The Asians Employee Resource Group (ERG) is an affinity group of Asian employees formed to promote the heritage of each Asian ethnicity by sharing cultures and languages with other Microsoft employees through networking, events, and social gatherings.

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Interesting Facts

  • More than 11,000 Asian employees at Microsoft.
  • Includes 17 ethnicity groups (Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Filipinos, Malaysians, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Thai, Nepali, Vietnamese, Israelis, Arabs).

Who we are

We are committed to growing and developing leaders in the Asian community, addressing the concerns and needs of Asian employees, and promoting Asian heritage by sharing cultures and languages with other Microsoft employees.

We also serve to ensure diverse perspectives are included in strategy, product development, business operations, and marketing.

Areas of focus

  • Community

Asians ERG Objectives

Connection: creating networking opportunities for our members

Development: nurturing future leaders through coaching, training, and leadership programs

Inclusion: building a strong, diverse coalition by partnering with a mixture of demographic groups in various geographic locations

Collaboration: partnering with other employee resource groups at Microsoft to maximize the impact of our initiatives and broaden our influence

The Asians ERG and Employee Career and Leadership Development at Microsoft

The Asians ERG works within the Microsoft corporate environment on a number of initiatives and programs, including the following:

  • Diversity Initiatives
    The Asians ERG partners with Microsoft executive leadership teams to define and implement corporate diversity initiatives companywide, such as the company's Asian Heritage Month celebration and Global Diversity and Inclusion strategies. The Asians ERG 2012 Marketing Innovation Talk Event assists with product development for diverse markets at Microsoft. The event helps product managers gain knowledge and insights on technology and business trends in global emerging markets, especially in the Asian market.
  • Asian Leadership and Development Conference (ALDC)
    The Asians ERG organizes and hosts the ALDC conference with the aim of learning about leadership and ways to impact our day-to-day work by applying the requisite skills. The conference spans two days and features speeches from prominent leaders as well as breakout sessions that focus on development, networking, and learning from the executives at Microsoft.
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