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Discover how technology skills can help you realize your dreams. Microsoft DigiGirlz gets girls* creating and collaborating around cool new types of tech. We’re open to ages 11-17, at every skill level, and the program is totally free.

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The youth who grasps today’s tech will change the world tomorrow. The simple truth is that diversity in tech improves the experience for all of us. Right now, there is a gender gap in technology. When you don’t see a pathway for yourself into an industry, you assume it’s not for you. It’s on us to create space where women feel welcome to join. Here’s how parents and teachers can support young girls in tech:

Frequently Asked Questions


Student registrations are accepted for enrollment on a first come, first served basis. Event content and curriculum may be geared for specific age groups, so please check the target audience before enrolling a student in a DigiGirlz program. Please consult the events listing page to see if there is an event in your area that is accepting registrations. Not every event offers open registration to the public. In some event locations we work directly with local schools or community organizations to enroll students in the program. Schools can request more information about registering girls for a DigiGirlz event in their city by contacting MSDigiGirlz@microsoft.com.

The DigiGirlz registration form must be completed by an adult aged 18 or older. The parent or legal guardian of attendees under the age of 18 may complete the registration form to register the student for a DigiGirlz program.

There is no cost associated with DigiGirlz programs. Microsoft provides the camp free of charge for attending girls.

No. There is no GPA requirement. However, attendees must meet the age/grade requirements of the desired program.

The event hours may vary by location, but if an event is held during a standard mealtime, then a meal is provided free of charge for attendees. There will be an opportunity to notify the event planning team of any specific dietary needs or other special needs requests for an attendee.

Yes, if space is available. Please contact the event coordinator via the “contact event coordinator” link in the event listing to submit a request to attend the event and find out if there is an open slot.

No. The camp is open to girls of all skill levels. The camp provides hands-on workshops that are led by supportive instructors who can help you increase your abilities. For girls who may have already taken technology classes in school, the camp workshops will provide you with quick exposure to new technologies but may not go as in-depth as what you experience in semester-long courses.

The camps are offered during the day only. The times may vary by location. Microsoft does not provide lodging or transportation for the camp. Camp participants must make their own arrangements and pay for these expenses.

Yes, if you meet the age/grade requirement of the camp you may submit a registration request. However, Microsoft does not provide lodging and transportation for the camp. It is up to you to make your own arrangements and pay for these expenses.

Camp locations are determined primarily by the location of Microsoft offices where Microsoft employees can participate in the planning and implementation of the multi-day events.

It is up to each camp coordinator to determine if adult observers can attend the camp. Some camps have allowed teachers to observe the camp so that the teachers can encourage girls to engage in technology programs throughout the school year. Microsoft is not able to offer continuing education credits for teacher attendance at the camp. If you are a teacher and are interested in observing the camp, please send an email message to MSDigiGirlz@microsoft.com.

Generally, parents are not allowed to attend the camps. If a camper has special needs that require a parent to serve as a personal attendant during camp, let us know. Some camps have a camp closing event that parents are invited to attend. If that option is available, information about the event will be provided by the camp coordinator.

DigiGirlz events are designed to provide a gender specific approach to introducing girls to career opportunities in technology in a safe setting that is attuned to addressing specific biases and challenges that might impact their experience. Event participation is open to anyone, regardless of gender identity, who is aligned to our mission to provide an environment that encourages girls’ participation in technology.
To learn more about the research around increasing girls’ participation in computing and STEM, download the Microsoft white paper Closing the STEM Gap or Girls in IT: The Facts published by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).

If you have more questions about our DigiGirlz programs, send an email message to MSDigiGirlz@microsoft.com.

*Anyone who identifies as female regardless of assignment at birth. Our program also welcomes people who identify as non-binary. Although this program’s focus is girls, all are welcome to attend regardless of gender identity.

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