Making a difference

The mission of Microsoft's Supported Employment program is simple: partner with vendors and local employment agencies to make a substantial difference in the lives of people with I/DD. People with I/DD face particular challenges in entering the job market. However, we believe that when people are hired into jobs that match their interests and abilities, and have support, they can become successful, productive workers. Having fulfilling employment promotes independence and helps people with disabilities become fully integrated members of the community.


Microsoft has an enduring commitment to fulfilling public responsibilities and serving the needs of people in communities worldwide, including those with disabilities. This commitment extends beyond products and services; it includes community and civic involvement. The Supported Employment program furthers these goals by creating opportunities for workers with I/DD to be employed by Microsoft vendors.

Providing opportunities

Workers with I/DD receive wages and benefits from their vendor employers, plus the social benefits of working alongside colleagues of all abilities.


Supported Employees have been hired into over 30 different job types, including:

Café ambassador

Shuttle fueler/washer

Move team support staff

Reception/office assistant

Mail processing clerk

Warehouse technician

Laboratory technician

Facility inspector

Day porter

Audio-visual assistant

Food service worker


Participating employment agencies

Microsoft has partnered with the following employment agencies specializing in supported employment for people with I/DD in Puget Sound. These agencies provide the high-quality training and support that is vital to the success of the Supported Employment program.

Download employment agency list (PDF)

Participating vendors

These Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities vendors employ Supported Employees.