We’re open to learning our own biases and changing our behaviors so we can tap into the collective power of everyone at Microsoft. That’s why we’ve developed unconscious bias training for all our employees.

We’re also sharing this training externally, to help provide more shared resources on this important topic. By working to counter unconscious bias, we can all help create a world where people are empowered to do amazing things.

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This course is available in seven different languages. When you launch the course, use the Languages button to select a language.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers
  • On Windows 8.1 and 10, this course functions best on Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.
  • On Mac OS X, this course functions best in recent versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • On Windows 7 and 8 and on Mac OS X, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Firefox require Flash to play course videos.

Make it real and start applying your learning by downloading this worksheet.

We would like to thank our partners Golden Interactive Media, Von Piglet Productions, and IBIS for their contributions in bringing this training to life.