Desktop App Converter Base Images

From this download page you can download the latest Windows 10 Base Images (.WIM) for use with the Desktop App Converter. The Desktop App Converter is now available in the Store. Please visit the store at for future updates.
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      • Windows 10 Base Images - 10.0.14393 (Anniversary Update), 10.0.15048, 10.0.15058, 10.0.15061 and 10.0.15063 (Insider Preview)

      Desktop App Converter is a tool that enables developers to bring their existing desktop apps written for .NET 4.6.1 or Win32 to the Universal Windows Platform. The developers can run their desktop installers through the converter in an unattended (silent) mode and obtain a Windows app package that can be installed via the Add-AppXPackage PowerShell cmdlet on their development machine.

      The converter runs the desktop installer in an isolated Windows environment using a clean base image provided in this download. It captures any registry and file system I/O made by the desktop installer and packages as part of the output. A Windows app package with unique identity and an ability to call a vast range of WinRT APIs is outputted by the converter.

      The software may collect information about you and your use of the software and send that to Microsoft. You can learn more about Microsoft's data collection and use in the product documentation and the Microsoft Privacy Statement. You agree to comply with all applicable provisions of the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

      You can learn about how to disable telemetry in the product documentation available on MSDN.

      To find out what's new in this release of the converter, visit the product documentation on MSDN.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 10

      Supported Operating System
      • Windows 10 Anniversary Update (10.0.14393.0 and later) - Pro or Enterprise edition

      Required Hardware Configuration Your computer must have the following minimum capabilities:
      • 64 bit (x64) processor
      • Hardware-assisted virtualization
      • Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)

      Required Resources
      • Microsoft Windows 10 SDK from here
      • Please ensure that you have the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update OS (Build 14393 or newer)

      Please see the product documentation available on MSDN for further instructions on how to use the Desktop App Converter.