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Five Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Intelligence Part 3: Get BI on the Fly

This is the third post in our five-part series, Five Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight. We’ve previously looked at how dashboards can provide easy information access to your team members based on specific roles and how self-service business intelligence (BI) and reporting can lighten the load on IT resources. Today, we’ll discuss mobile BI and its impact on users and IT.

Get BI on the Fly

Making everything mobile is the mantra of nearly every business and certainly every IT department. And why not? When you give users the same flexibility and functionality in their business systems that they get in their personal lives, they’re happier, they’re more productive and your business reaps the benefits. And when it comes to business insight and reporting, you can put the information team members need in the palms of their hands, anytime they need it, wherever they are.

How does it work? A business solution from Microsoft uses Office and Microsoft SharePoint as a platform for collaboration and distribution and extends access to key information and reports users working from their phones or tablets. And with Microsoft SharePoint or Skydrive, users can securely save reports to the cloud, access them from their personal devices, and easily share them with other members of the team.

This safe and easy way to share data and insight will reward you with increased productivity and a level of service that will be the envy of your peers—and your competition. In our next entry, we’ll talk about what Big Data really means for small and mid-sized businesses and how to make it work for your company.

In the meantime, learn more about Microsoft Dynamics and take a product test drive, register for an upcoming webcast, or learn more about buying and deploying a business solution from Microsoft.