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Setting up SharePoint Online with Lifecycle Services project fails with error OAuthAppAuthorizationFailure

The scenario is this:
You have the role as Project Owner for a project in Lifecycle Services (LCS) and you want to use a SharePoint Online team site to store the project documents. You did not create the team site, but you have been granted Site collection administrator permissions for the team site so you can do the needed setup.

  1. You log in to LCS and open the project.
  2. In the project under Action center or in Project settings > SharePoint Online click on button “Setup SharePoint Online”.
  3. Type in or past the URL to the team site – do not include the template info in the URL – click Continue.
  4. Click Yes to verify you want to continue.
  5. You will be redirected to the team site. Click Trust it to let LCS create documents in the site.
    You will get this error:

The reason you get this error is that you are not the Team Site owner. In order to link the SharePoint site to your LCS project, then you need to be both Site Collection Administrator and member of the Site Owners group.

If you already is a Site Collection Administrator, then you can add yourself to the Site Owners group. If not, then you need to get a Site Collection Administrator to add you to both groups.

Note that you must use the same account in LCS and the Team site.

To add yourself to Site Owners:

Browse to the site, click on the gear button and select Site settings.

In site settings select Site permissions.

In Site permissions click the link to the Site Owners group.

Click New to add yourself to the group.


Now when you have the needed permissions, then follow the steps 1-5 above.

  1. You will return to LCS. Verify the account and URL and click Save.
  2. You are done and can start uploading documents. Under More tools you will see the button to go to the documents.


The first time you upload a document, then in the team site it will be created a folder with the name of the LCS project where all the documents will be saved.