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Make the Most of Your Social Presence

Your social media presence, and that of your business, can be an incredible asset. Online, you can grow your customer base, deepen customer relationships, and learn about how your products and services are being received. Most business owners know this, but are you really getting everything you can from social?
To check our own social pulse, we met up with LinkedIn's Kelly Kyer at Microsoft Envision.

"Envision's a great gathering ground for business decision-makers, and LinkedIn has lots of tools and resources to help business decision-makers[…] reach the right audience. You know, we're a great tool for marketing. We're a great tool to help sellers find prospects and nurture those prospects[…] we're also a great tool for content."

Knowing the entire spectrum of a social platform’s capabilities is a great starting point when you’re looking to get more value from your online footprint. The next step is using analytics to discover what reasons bring your customers to that site to begin with. This way, you can join the conversation is a way that adds value to their experience right away.

It’s also important to monitor how customers respond to both your content and your competitor’s. If you’re quick to offer deals on shipping, for instance, when you know a competitor is experiencing delays, you just might create a few customer smiles, and win a bit of market share in the process.
To discover more ways that you can expand your use of social channels, check out what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your business. And for more on making your LinkedIn profile shine, don’t miss the rest of our interview with Kelly Kyer.