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Backup and restore your CRM Online instance

Protecting your CRM data and providing continuous availability of service is important for you and for us. You have multiple options for backing up and restoring your CRM Online instances. For CRM Online 2016 Update 1, we’re introducing on demand backups that you can perform on CRM Online 2016 Update 1 Production and Sandbox instances.

CRM Online Administrator Center

There are two types of backups: system backups and on demand backups.

System backups

System backups take place without you having to do anything.

About CRM Online system backups:

  • All your instances are backed up.
  • System backups occur daily.
  • System backups are retained up to three days. Check your expiration date.
  • System backups do not count against your storage limits.
  • System backups are identified as created by System on the Manage backups page.


On demand backups

With on demand backups, you can make your own backup before making some significant customization change or applying a version update.

About CRM managed on demand backups:

  • You can back up Production and Sandbox instances.
  • You can only restore to a Sandbox instance. To restore to a Production instance, first switch it to a Sandbox instance. See Switch an instance.
  • Only CRM Online 2016 Update 1 or later versions are supported for backup.
  • On demand backups are retained for up to three days. Check your expiration date.
  • On demand backups are identified as created by someone other than System and by the presence of Edit | Delete | Restore in the details section. System backups only have Restore.

Backup and restore CRM online instance



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