The buyer’s journey: Crafting a new story with sales and marketing

Customer expectations are changing, and they’re changing fast. In the last decade alone, established B2B companies have gone from debuting their first website, to offering specific products to buyers through personalized social media channels. Nearly every aspect of how we interact with buyers in the digital space is transforming.

Quickly evolving buyer behavior requires a flexible, and progressive sales and marketing strategy. In the past, sales departments and marketing departments have adjusted their disparate strategies to improve their effectiveness, but the market is ready for the next frontier of B2B customer engagement. Imagine building a comprehensive strategy that leverages the most effective, intuitive skills of either departments—together.

With potential customers adapting to this new context in real-time, they’re changing the digital environment in significant ways to better serve their own preferences and expectations. Well-worn consumer pathways are being abandoned for more intuitive, streamlined options. Traditional avenues for building loyalty, or engaging consumers with your company’s best and brightest ideas have been completely revolutionized, and to stay competitive, organizations need to reexamine how they address, engage and nurture their customer base.

It’s up to industry leaders to reimagine modern day sales funnels with their customers in mind, but you don’t have dive into this reinvention alone. At Microsoft, we’ve compiled a series of webinars designed to explore how to enhance collaboration between sales and marketing departments, including an episode on envisioning a sales funnel to give your organization a modern advantage in your industry.

Join Editor-in-Chief of Demand Gen Report, Carol Krol, CEO of Social Centered Selling, Barbara Giamanco, and President and Founder of Heinz Marketing, Matt Heinz, in a webinar session discussing the basics of the modern sales funnel. Sign up for this session, and discover more about the entire series by clicking here.