How Dynamics 365 Sales boost results, from startup to Fortune 500

Whether you’re a digital startup looking to hit the ground running from day one, or a global Fortune 500 company that needs to adapt, your sales team can’t afford to wait months to realize the benefits of digital transformation. The dynamic and competitive nature of today’s sales landscape requires solutions that can be swiftly implemented and scale with your business.

Businesses small and large have realized quick results with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. L&T-NxT, a digital startup, is a spinoff of Larsen & Toubro, while Rockwell Automation, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company. Both companies chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 to empower their sellers with a comprehensive solution to manage sales and build strong customer relationships. The enhanced collaboration and complex problem solving enabled through the out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales led to immediate benefits in both businesses, with L&T NxT achieving implementation in only 26 days, Rockwell Automation reaching an adoption rate of 71 percent monthly active usage while rapidly growing, and both equipping their sales teams to deliver top-notch solutions for their clients.

Rapidly realize the benefits of digital transformation

When L&T-NxT started, they knew it was essential to equip their sellers with a modern customer relationship management (CRM) solution that could be deployed rapidly, without stalling their momentum.

While every other vendor L&T-NxT evaluated required four to six months of implementation, Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator were deployed in only 26 days. “Dynamics 365 had most of the sales and marketing capabilities we needed right out of the box, so implementation was extremely quick, and we were able to see the benefits almost immediately,” stated Anantha Sayana, Chief Digital Officer at L&T Group. The comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365 meant only minimal customizations were required to fit L&T-NxT’s business processes. The rapid speed of implementation allowed L&T-NxT to activate digital selling right before COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, ensuring that business operations remained uninterrupted and momentum continued to build.

L&T-NxT chose Dynamics 365 for its ability to grow their sales pipeline with relationship selling, accelerate the sales cycle, and increase their sales agility. “Dynamics 365 is the single solution to help us bring together our experts across the company to collaborate and solve complex problems for customers,” says Sudip Mazumder, General Manager, Head of Engineering and Construction Industry Digital at L&T Group. “We’ve gained transparency across the entire sales cycle, so every member has the information and insights to contribute to the deal.” With Dynamics 365, L&T-NxT has been able to centralize its sales data, improve its ability to manage leads, and ensure that its global sales force can easily access comprehensive customer information from any location.

Implement a comprehensive, scalable solution

While digital startup L&T-Nxt relied on the “out of the box” capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales to fuel their launch momentum, Fortune 500 company Rockwell Automation saw Dynamics 365 Sales as the perfect solution to scale with the needs of their 2,800-person sales team.

Rockwell Automation simplifies complexity for its customers by providing industrial automation and digital transformation solutions. With a global customer base that spans over 100 countries and ranges across industries, Rockwell Automation’s salesforce, consisting of 1,600 sellers, 400 sales managers, and 800 subject matter experts, must regularly solve increasingly varied and complex customer needs. The complexity of customer needs and increasing demand for services required Rockwell Automation to upgrade their previous CRM platform, and replace it with a scalable, cloud-based CRM platform prepared to manage sales and build strong customer relationships while Rockwell Automation experiences continued growth.

Rockwell Automation needed a mobile and user-friendly solution that would reduce manual processes, support collaborative selling, and connect lead management with sales. After considering SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft, Rockwell Automation determined that Dynamics 365 best met their requirements and fit their priorities of demonstrating a customer-centric focus and boosting outcome-based selling.

With an adoption rate of 71 percent monthly active usage, Rockwell Automation is already recognizing the benefits of Dynamics 365. “Our sales team uses Dynamics 365 Sales to respond to questions with real-time insights, be proactive about opportunities, and get proposals generated more quickly than before,” says Tom Forster, Director of Global Sales Strategy and Commercial Readiness. Sellers no longer struggle to engage with subject matter experts for critical information, and automated data capture proactively provides sellers with comprehensive client backgrounds. The streamlined process for collaboration and increased visibility has led to reduced churn and a more connected salesforce, and enabled sellers to focus on their most critical task: truly helping customers.

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