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Personalize responses to employee feedback to transform return to work

As companies navigate an environment of rapid change, raised safety standards, and a new digital world, transformative approaches are needed to successfully maintain a healthy, thriving business. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has bridged the gap between collecting feedback and building informed responses. Employee safety is paramount to sustaining business in our current world, but more importantly, how your organization responds to feedback and data has a lasting impact on morale and the bottom line.

Today, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is introducing dynamic survey capabilities that offer personalized responses to direct feedback. For example, show your commitment to providing great experiences with a response to unhappy customer feedback such as, “We are sorry you had this experience. Please contact us to speak to an assistant so we can make this right” or let employees know whether they are cleared to return to work or not.

Toyota and MTO Group are just two of many companies employing personalized responses in their return to work initiatives. Read about their implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice below or visit the Dynamics 365 Customer Voice website to learn more.

Create meaningful, personalized connections

Collecting feedback is an essential function to understanding your employees and creating strong relationships. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice takes your knowledge of employees, their health condition, and feedback one step further with built-in AI analysis and conditional survey responses.

During a return to work scenario, employee safety is critical to detect potential health risks of employees spreading COVID-19 at work. With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, gauge your employees’ health with questions such as, “Have you had symptoms in the last 14 days?” then, if they respond that they have symptoms, show your support, direct them to stay home, and/or share important resources. For example, if they respond with “I’ve had a fever,” organizations can automatically send personalized responses such as, “Please stay home, your health and safety is important. Someone will contact you with next steps.” See this feature in action in the demo video below.

Organizations need to react quickly with a solution that they can deploy in a short period of time to implement health screening and maintain safety. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is not only easy to deploy and use, but its integrated technology that companies already have expertise in, such as Microsoft Power Platform, enables rapid responses to customer feedback. Microsoft Power BI enables visualized data and responses in the dashboard to gain powerful insights into employee feedback and make personnel decisions that impact the bottom line. It has never been more important to listen and connect with your employees and Dynamics 365 Customer Voice allows you to do just that.

Make better, informed decisions for returning to work

Organizations around the world are using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to fuel their response to the pandemic and see it as an integral part in their plan for return to work.

Toyota logo

Toyota Motor North America, one of the world’s leading automotive manufactures, recently used Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to rapidly deploy a health and safety plan for employees returning to the workplace. Toyota was faced with the challenge of safely and efficiently returning to work during an unprecedented time. However, they turned to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to generate a deep understanding of employee health status’, deploy personalized responses, and ultimately make informed decisions on continued operations.

Toyota was able to quickly build an entire automated employee health screening solution in one week through Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to keep a pulse on employee wellbeing at scale. They visualized and monitored health data in real-time, with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice always-on feature and Power BI integration, to support their leaders in re-opening recommendations.

“Using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, we were able to rapidly build a solution to survey our 47,000 team members in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Power BI automatically updating survey results, we were able to make informed business decisions that allowed our team members to safely return to work building cars and trucks.”Trever T White​, Group Manager, Information Systems, Toyota Motor North America

Using Microsoft Power Automate, Toyota effortlessly sent out responses in real time that cleared, or did not clear, employees to return to work. Now, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has set Toyota up for the future in continuously monitoring each employee and plant’s health so they can be agile in their responses to an ever-changing environment.

MTO group logo

Another company deploying Dynamics 365 Customer Voice in their return to work initiative is MTO Group, a company in South Africa focused on transforming and shaping the African timber and agriculture landscape responsibly and sustainably. For the timber industry in a developing country like South Africa, a low-cost solution that is easy to deploy and easy to maintain is critical in determining whether it was safe or not for employees to return to work at MTO Group. Using Power Automate, they pushed Dynamics 365 Customer Voice surveys through email and SMS alerts, then visualized the data using Power BI to make informed decisions. Watch MTO Group’s implementation of Customer Voice during COVID-19 below or watch the Microsoft Ignite session on returning to work with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Transform your response during COVID-19

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice allows you to harness the power of collecting feedback directly from employees and customers so your organization can build powerful, personalized responses. During times where its critical to have a digital solution to listening and understanding the environment around us, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice empowers you to analyze results and succeed in decision making.

Interested in learning more about Dynamics 365 Customer Voice? Visit the Dynamics 365 Customer Voice website or begin your free trial of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.