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How you can collect feedback and protect customer information

As today’s world expands with a massive wealth of customer information gleaned from brand interactions, purchases, services, and experiences—truly understanding your customers is of the upmost importance. The traditional approach of analyzing one piece of purchase data or one simple survey is insufficient for businesses looking to make an impact on the bottom line. With more information comes more opportunity to increase sales with effective marketing, but it also comes with a challenge: privacy.

According to a 2020 study conducted by Forrester1, protecting customers’ personal information and privacy was the top priority for marketing decision makers when considering customer analytics.

Today, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, we are empowering organizations to collect direct customer feedback through semi-anonymous surveys and keep personal information anonymous.

Semi-anonymous surveys

Gathering and tracking customer metrics is critical for a business to build better customer experiences and respond in the moments that matter. With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, organizations can send direct surveys and collect customer feedback, then analyze it using powerful, built-in artificial intelligence to uncover key customer insights. Now, semi-anonymous surveys create peace of mind for customers when responding to surveys so you can receive more reliable feedback while protecting privacy.

Not only do semi-anonymous surveys enable you to understand your customers, but they can also be an important tool in listening to your employees. With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, you can capture internal feedback and monitor responses only by title, department, and work location, keeping personal identifiers out.

Watch the video below for additional details on how to collect anonymous employee feedback with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

The new semi-anonymous survey feature allows organizations to select which fields they want to keep anonymous, and which fields to track. For example, you can select to keep relevant location such as location of purchase but exclude personal information such as name and email. This gives organizations even more power managing their data. With rich data now at organizations’ fingertips, departments can align on marketing decisions to build better experiences and lifelong fans.

The value of customer data

Your business is only as successful as your understanding of your customers and data.

A Forrester study in 20182 found that data-driven organizations are growing at an average of 30 percent or more annually.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, the customer understanding process is simplified with easy-to-use survey creation, data analysis, integration with your other applications, and automatic notifications so you can meet the customer at every moment. Now, with added functionality for survey reminders, you can be sure to capture all relevant feedback and information to uncover rich insights.

Ultimately, data-driven and customer-centric organizations are at a competitive advantage because they understand the value of how better insights lead to more sales. Many organizations are missing the key piece of an easy-to-use direct feedback management solution, holding them back from creating a holistic view of the customer and maximizing data’s value. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice empowers a complete understanding of your data, linking together direct and indirect feedback directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and enabling better customer experiences.

Get started today

Customer privacy is key when collecting data and making decisions. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice empowers you to bridge the gap between uncovering key customer insights and protecting personal information, allowing you to build meaningful relationships for long-term success. With unified customer profiles linked across your business applications, customer-first and employee-first organizations can act quickly on feedback and drive great experiences.

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1Forrester Analytics, Business Technographics® Marketing Survey, 2020.

2Brian Hopkins, James McCormick, and Ted Schadler, Insights-Driven Businesses Set the Pace for Global Growth, Forrester, October 19, 2018.