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Dynamics 365

Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Guides brings data to frontline workers

Data is everywhere, data is decision making power

The emergence of data is changing the way organizations do business. From our mobile devices to our machinery, everyday activities and interactions create trillions of data points generated by inanimate objects. Unfortunately, data is often stored across disparate systems depriving organizations of access to valuable information and connected insights. To keep up with today’s fast-paced data hierarchy, organizations must rely on solutions that effectively integrate data to derive important business insights, empower frontline workers to make data-driven decisions, and streamline operational efficiency.

Break down information siloes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, HoloLens 2, and Power Apps

Infusing Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens 2 has enabled organizations to give their frontline workers step-by-step holographic instructions while also bringing critical, connected data into view. Using Power Apps, you can connect to your business data stored in on-premises data sources and rapidly build customizable workflows for your unique operational processes.

With Power Apps, you can embed your apps directly into Dynamics 365 Guides, displayed on HoloLens 2. Embedding Power Apps apps into Dynamics 365 Guides enables you to:

  • Create and trigger automated workflows based on captured asset data to simplify business processes seamlessly.
  • Develop issue reports, incorporated into your existing workflow within Dynamics 365 Guides.
  • Report issues directly within the workflow in a non-disruptive and efficient way.
  • Understand historical data and relevant insights.

Guide that shows that within the PC Authoring app, go to the appropriate step, then select the Action tab.

An example of Issue Reporting integrated into Dynamics 365 Guides using Power Apps

Additionally, using Dynamics 365 Guides PC authoring, you can add a website link or directly link to Power Apps apps in your guides, making the opportunities endless for content linking and quick access to resources such as reference manuals, interactive quizzes, or parts re-ordering systems, or an app that provides the latest status of IoT sensors. This feature enables authors to create a seamless workflow for operators so that there is no need to switch from the workflow to access outside documentation as the information is displayed seamlessly in the line of sight.

It doesn’t end there. By integrating Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, you can ensure your operators are connected to apps when performing tasks on the go. Simply connect to Power Apps via your Microsoft Edge browser to access Remote Assist Helper to manage your tasks, apps, and documentation with a remote expert.

Drag the Website link circle to the Action circle in the lower-right corner of the Step Editor pane.

An example of adding in Website link using the Step Editor pane.

Guide that shows a step card where you can view, edit, or delete the link, right-click the Website link button in the Step Editor pane, and then select the appropriate command.

To view, edit, or delete the link, right-click the Website link button in the Step Editor pane and then select the appropriate command.

Auger Groupe Conseil uses Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Guides

Auger Groupe Conseil is a firm specializing in industrial process engineering, with a focus on helping organizations accomplish “Industry 4.0” procedural updates. On a recent client visit at Kruger Paper Inc., Auger Groupe Conseil recognized the opportunity to unify vast amounts of unused data stored across disparate sources with Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Guides.

Using the Power Apps connector in Dynamics 365 Guides, Auger Groupe Conseil was able to bring all of this unused data to their employees in real-time on the shop floor. With the Power Apps connector, the organization was able to take the Dynamics 365 Guides solution a step further by customizing workflows, submitting issue reports, and making optimal adjustments live in their real work environment. The customizable workflows let them create what they need within a workflow, for example, an alert or a report. Overall, this low-code, versatile solution has enabled their organization to effectively maximize their operations and employee performance.

“We realized that all these companies have an enormous amount of data sources and the best way to bring all this data to the employee is to use Power Apps in Guides. Power Apps allows you to customize any workflow.”— Alan Marchand, IT Director at Auger Groupe Conseil, in charge of solutions architecture.

a man standing in front of a computer

Frontline worker uses Power Apps and Guides to click into step to customize a workflow, create an alert and submit an issue report.

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