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Dynamics 365

Building xRM solutions: a three-part video series

We’re pleased to announce a three-part video series for building xRM solutions.  In this series, you’ll get an end-to-end walk through of the key extensibility capabilities (xRM) of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allow you to build line of business (LOB) applications.

Building xRM Solutions I: Introduction

Dynamics CRM’s capabilities can be leveraged to build line of business applications, managing any relationship and interaction versus customer relationships and interactions.  In this video, we’ll walk through the the xRM framework within CRM, including:

  • Rapid application development
  • Business process management
  • Business intelligence
  • User experience

Building xRM Solutions II: Configuration

In this video, the terms configuration and customization are used interchangeably, and refer to an iterative process of defining the data model, security model, navigation, forms and views, business process flows, business rules, business process automation, and solution packaging.

Building xRM Solutions III: Code

In this video, we’ll cover four main concepts to consider when extending CRM to build a xRM solution:

  • Client extensions
  • Server extensions
  • Integration
  • Custom user experiences


David Yack @davidyack

Marc Schweigert @devkeydet