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Dynamics 365

Update Service Bus Endpoints to use SAS Authentication



Azure Access Control Service (ACS) has been deprecated by Microsoft Azure team. Any existing Dynamics 365 service bus that has been configured with ACS authentication will be impacted when ACS goes out of support.

With the deprecation of ACS, and the ability to configure ACS based authentication for Dynamics 365 Service bus has become progressively more difficult via PowerShell, Dynamics 365 products team took a direction change in how service bus registration worked to be 100% compliant with the current feature set of Azure.

Impacted Versions


The service endpoints created on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 8.1 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1) and Dynamics CRM Version 8.2 (December 2016 Update for Microsoft Dynamics 365) with ACS Authentication are the impacted versions.  Any orgs updated from older versions of Dynamics CRM will continue to function on ACS, however the first update to the Service Bus registration will require it to be changed to a SAS key.

To identify whether your Dynamics 365 has Service endpoints that are authenticating using ACS, login to Dynamics 365 as an administrative user. Click SettingsCustomizationCustomize the System. Click Service Endpoints to see the list of registered endpoints.

Service Endpoints in Customization area



Update the endpoint configuration

There are two possible scenarios that you have configured Service Bus endpoint using ACS:

  1. Service Bus Plugin – Plug-ins are one of two methods used to initiate posting the message containing the data context to the Microsoft Azure Service Bus, the other method being a custom workflow activity. If you have configured Service Bus Plugin, please follow the step-by-step guide to update the Service endpoint from ACS to SAS


Service bus plugin

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Service endpoints – As part of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing configuration, there will be a service endpoint created between CRM and MDM with the default name of crm2mdm. From Dynamics Marketing V19.x onwards, there is an option to configure this endpoint using SAS. Please follow the step-by-step guide to update the service endpoint from ACS to SAS.


Azure service bus configuration

If you have already deprovisioned Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, it is still recommended to unregister the service endpoint using the Plugin-registration Tool


Plugin registration tool



– Ramana Sridhar Vaidyanathan