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Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is now available in Europe, Middle East and Africa

What’s new

In November 2018, AI for Sales started on a journey, aiming to introduce AI driven insights to every sales organizations. At the time, Dynamics 365 AI for Sales (Now called “Sales Insights”) was only available in North America.

Today, we are happy to announce that Dynamics 365 Sales Insights has expanded availability to also include Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Customers and partners alike can join the product preview, start a trial as well as purchase licenses to empower users across the sales organizations with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

Region and language availability for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Before November 2018, we used the term “international availability” to capture multiple intentions: the physical location of the data, where the data is stored (“Region”), and the language in which information is displayed (“Display language”). Following the release of the new Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, we introduce a new intent: the Model language, specifically the language of the data that is parsed by the model to produce insights.


With Dynamics 365 for Sales, System Administrators can specify the region where customer data will be stored. In the process of creating a new org, customers can select a geographic location (“Geo”) to determine where data will be stored. Data will not move from one geo to another, and Microsoft will not limit the geos/locations where customers, or their end users, can access data.

Starting today, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is available across multiple geos, including North America, Europe and the UK.
We plan to extend the availability to additional geos: Australia, Asia Pacific, South America, Canada, India and Japan, by April 2019.

Display language

When creating a new org, System Administrators need to select a base language for the org. The base language determines default regional and language settings for the org. Once base language is selected, System Administrators can enable additional languages for display as well as for assistance (“Help”). Dynamics 365 for Sales currently supports 45 display languages.

Currently, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights for Sellers supports all 45 display languages.

Model languages in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

With the new Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, some features use natural language algorithms to derive insights. Those capabilities analyze text (such as email communications or notes) as well as voice utterances (from call recordings), to develop relevant and actionable insights.

Following is the list of features that use text and voice analysis:

Text Based Insights

Talking points: This feature identifies conversation starters from emails. Talking Points include topics that are related to sports, time-off, family and entertainment, giving sellers an opportunity to start their customer meetings on a personal note.

Notes analysis: When users enter notes from a recent meeting or discussion into the timeline, Dynamics 365 for Sales monitors these notes and offers intelligent suggestions for follow up.

Relationship assistance:

  • Exchange cards: The action cards are generated based on an analysis of emails. When users receive an email, Exchange and Dynamics 365 for Sales work together to scan the body of the email and extract relevant phrases that suggest the email is related to Dynamics 365 for Sales customers.
  • Productivity cards: Productivity cards provide timely information that is relevant to users’ location and plans.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights supports only English as the modeling language. However, we plan to extend support to German, French, Dutch and Italian by July 2019.

Voice Based Insights

Call intelligence: Transcribing call recordings in order to analyze and extract meaningful insights, including sentiment, competitive mentions and more.

Currently Dynamics 365 Sales Insights supports English, French, German and Italian as the modeling language for voice. Our roadmap includes plans to extend support to Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish in the future.

What’s not included

From the full list of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights capabilities, two features are still limited to North America. These include Who Knows Whom and Relationship Analytics from Exchange. However, Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa can still benefit from Relationship Analytics, to analyze the health of their customer relationships, based on activities within Dynamics 365 only.

What’s next

Going forward, we will extend Dynamics 365 Sales Insights to the rest of the world, adding additional model language support, to help sellers be more proactive and productive, and to ensure they are able to personalize their pitch to improve customer engagements.

Below you can find a detailed table of the features:

Experience Feature Geo Model languages Locale
Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Email engagement Current: North America, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia Pacific, South America, Canada, India and Japan

Exchange cards and productivity cards:

Current: English

July 2019: German, French, Dutch and Italian

All Dynamics 365 for Sales locales
Auto data capture
Relationship assistant
Seller experience Who knows whom

Current: North America, Europe, UK

Planned for April 2019: Australia, Asia Pacific, South America, Canada, India and Japan

* Who knows whom is currently available in North America only.

** Relationship analytics with Exchange will be available in EMEA by April 2019

Talking points and Quick actions:

Current: English

July 2019: German, French, Dutch and Italian


Relationship analytics (with Exchange)

Relationship analytics (without Exchange)

Predictive Lead Scoring
Predictive Opportunity Scoring
Talking points
Quick actions
Sales Manager experience Revenue management

Current: North America, Europe, UK

Planned to July 2019: Australia, Asia Pacific, South America, Canada, India and Japan

Current: English, German, French and Italian

July 2019: Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish

Call intelligence