Enhancements and Bug Fixes for Field Service Version

Applies to: Field Service version on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.x

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Please visit Field Service Docs for Field Service updates and related content.

Field Service enhancements


  • Improved requirement naming for requirements which are part of a requirement group and related to a work order.
  • Improved upgrade behaviors.
  • Performance enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When generating a work order from an Agreement Booking Setup, msdyn_unit should be null checked as it is not a required field.
  • Fixed: Requirement Group Name is empty when created from Workorder Incident Type.
  • Fixed: Enable overriding field value of msdyn_generatewodaysinadvance in AgreementBookingSetup.Library.js.
  • Fixed: Fix misleading error message for multi-level security permission exception.
  • Fixed: Not able to select address from address suggestion box in account/contact in web client.
  • Fixed: Time Zone Conversion check for invoiceDateGeneration Logic to be in sync with AgreementBookingDate logic.
  • Fixed: IOT device registration message field.
  • Fixed: Estimate Unit Amount and Unit Amount fields not getting populated automatically.
  • Fixed: Generate Booking Dates workflow is not reset when Agreement Booking Setup is modified by a user in a different Business Unit.
  • Fixed: Cannot save Work Order after change System Status to ‘Closed – Posted’ if ~350 invoice products exist.
  • Fixed: Filtering for the Customer Asset look-up on Work Order does not update when changing the service account.
  • Fixed: Add null check in AgreementInvoiceProductOperation.cs for better telemetry/logging.
  • Fixed: Address suggestions doesn’t populate the address correctly when multiple addresses are returned.

Connected Field Service (CFS) enhancements


  • New flow templates for CFS integration with Azure IoT Central that utilizes the Common Data Service (CDS) connector in flow. The CDS connector are available in the new Dynamics datacenter regions and has improved performance and reliability compared to the existing Dynamics 365 connector.
  • For CFS with IoT Hub, new deployments will now utilize the CDS connector in the logic app.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Hide Send Command in Customer Asset if there are no connected devices.
  • Fixed: When an IoT device registration fails, the error message displayed is not appropriate.
  • Fixed: Logic app designer view in Azure is grayed out. Upgrading through deployment app, will install the new logic app template that allows the designer view.