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Dynamics 365

September update of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist improves Snapshot feature and protocol activation experience

Applies to: Dynamics 365 Remote Assist (version 2.05)

The Dynamics 365 Remote Assist team is pleased to announce the September 2019 update, which includes an improved Snapshot feature and improved protocol activation experience.

Improved Snapshot feature

We heard from our customers that the video feed doesn’t always provide enough detail for the remote expert, especially when looking at machine labels or computers screens. This also happens when working in low-bandwidth environments where the video feed may be pixelated. We updated the Camera tool, so now when a technician takes a snapshot, the high-quality image is automatically shared with the remote expert(s) through text chat. By putting the link in text chat, the image can be easily referred to throughout the call or saved for work validation or inspection records.

Snapshot chat link

For more information on the Snapshot feature, see the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist user guide.


Improved protocol activation experience

For application developers, protocol activation is a great way to build Remote Assist into your own custom HoloLens application. The user can call someone from the app to collaborate. For example, they can review a 3D model together.

Before, protocol activation would launch Remote Assist, but to get back to the custom app after the call ended, the user had to do the bloom gesture and then re-launch the app. We added an optional parameter so the user returns directly to the custom app (or any other app) after the call ends.

For more information on protocol activation and how to implement it in your application, see Launch Dynamics 365 Remote Assist from another application.