Recap of Retail webinar for August

The monthly Retail webinar for August was held on the 1st of August and was loaded with exciting content. We covered lots of features, some of which are releasing soon while others are in the early stage of design.

We started with a demo of the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) for point of sale (POS), which enables retailers to perform regression testing on POS. Regression testing helps you make sure new enhancements don’t break existing business processes. We then covered the new offline enhancements in POS, including manually switching to offline mode prior to login, and automatic switching POS to offline mode. This was followed by a demo of the upcoming clienteling capabilities in POS which will enable a sales associates to easily manage key customers and capture important information like preferences, key dates, notes, activities, and more, thus empowering associates to provide more engaging shopping experiences to their customers.

We then switched to a feature which will allow retailers to provide additional discounts on a transaction when a customer uses the preferred tender to pay. Examples of preferred tender include cash or a retailer’s branded credit or debit card. Then we talked about a feature that allows retailers to define eligible payment methods for returns. In the last part of the webinar, we provided insights into the upcoming enhancements to omni-channel experiences.

We’ve posted a recording with the presentation materials from this last webinar, as well as information about the upcoming webinar, on the Retail Interest Group Yammer group. This Yammer group is quite active—used by implementation partners, support, customers, and product group members to post questions and comments—allowing members to take advantage of the collective knowledge of the Retail community. To join this group, go to the Yammer site to send a request –