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Use custom IoT providers in Connected Field Service

We recently published documentation for Connected Field Service that tells you everything you need to know to use custom IoT providers in Dynamics 365 Field Service. The article is geared toward developers who want to know what capabilities are supported in our IoT extensible framework, and how to make it all happen.

Why being able to use custom IoT providers is important

As organizations around the globe continue with a remote workforce, Connected Field Service enables service teams access to important Internet of Things (IoT) data from wherever they are working—ensuring the essential businesses they serve are reliably up and running.

Connected Field Service already has integration for IoT signals, device registration, and sending commands with Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central.

However, there are plenty of companies out there where IoT signals are sent to other IoT systems, some of which have been in place for years.

With the extensibility framework, even companies who are using IoT providers other than Azure can still use all the Connected Field Service components to connect and interact with their IoT devices and data.

Organizations may even use multiple IoT systems for different types of assets, for example, in situations where newer assets are deployed on one IoT cloud while legacy assets remain on other systems, or when industry-specific IoT providers are used for different types of assets.

Whether you’re using multiple Azure IoT instances, a mix between Azure and other systems, or a different IoT provider altogether, you can now interact with and use your IoT data within Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Several organizations have put the framework to use and are already live.

Remember, even if your Dynamics 365 Field Service project is not underway or you are early in your implementation, you can still use all the Connected Field Service components to connect and interact with your IoT data within your other Dynamics 365 apps.

Next steps

Check out the article Extensible IoT data sources for Connected Field Service to learn more.

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