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Dynamics 365

Build back-to-school solutions with the Dynamics 365 education accelerator and Microsoft Power Platform

With back-to-school time upon us, what would normally be an exciting time for educators and families preparing students to return to class is instead filled with additional stresses presented by a global pandemic. Parents and caregivers are wondering what remote learning will be like and how to get and use the technology their children need to be successful. Teachers are concerned with delivering excellent instruction and making sure everyone is able to learn even when classes are virtual. Everyone is concerned with keeping their family healthy and safe.

To help schools implement their plans to allow students and staff to return to classrooms safely, Microsoft partner Mazik Global created a back-to-school solution based on Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and the Dynamics 365 education accelerator, which is a set of pre-built components designed to speed up development of solutions for K-12 and higher education.

The Mazik Global solution provides a tool for students and staff to assess, track, and report on COVID-19 symptoms. For younger children, the solution allows parents or caregivers to answer screening questions about a child’s symptoms or potential exposure on their behalf.

The solution ensures schools have the key data they need to monitor quickly shifting conditions. For example, the higher education solution provides a back-to-school dashboard that gives an overall analysis of the status of their workforce as well as helps them mitigate exposure to others. The data connects directly to the dashboard and provides insights through a command center that allows administrators or other authorized staff to review risk and symptoms in near real time.

Mazik Global also created a safe, less-intensive, symptom tracking solution that:

  • Alerts faculty and students promptly when to self-isolate.
  • Allows the campus to operate on a near regular schedule.
  • Provides reassurance and trust through messaging and app notifications.
  • Demonstrates commitment to keeping a safe and healthy campus for all.

Example of screens from mobile app for back-to-school

We’re grateful that partners like Mazik Global are able to build upon Microsoft technology to assist educational institutions return to the work of educating and supporting students and families.

Ready to build your own education solution?

The education accelerator takes the unified data approach of Microsoft Power Platform a step further to help you build solutions for schools more quickly. To get started, download the education accelerator, which includes a higher education component and a K-12 component, from AppSource.

Read the documentation to learn more, or reach out to our team with your questions.