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Customer Service voice support channel launches in the UK

Since the November 2021 launch in select geographic regions of the native voice channel in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, we have been expanding worldwide to satisfy growing customer demand. We are proud to announce that we now support local country regions as well. As of October 2022, the voice support channel is live in the United Kingdom.

Native voice support channel capabilities

The integrated voice channel allows customer service representatives to communicate with customers on the phone to resolve issues. The UK launch includes all the features that the voice channel in omnichannel Customer Service environments supports today.

graphical user interface, Customer Service workspace application

Self-serve voice support channel with Power Virtual Agents

The UK general availability launch also integrates Power Virtual Agents. Subject matter experts can build conversational interactive voice response (IVR) bots in just a few clicks to help customers quickly self-serve, reducing contact center operation costs. Learn how to configure Power Virtual Agents bots for voice.

Azure direct routing and Microsoft calling plans

The launch of the voice channel in the UK is supported by Azure Communication Services, with Azure direct routing in preview.  Learn how you can use the telephony carrier of your choice.

The UK voice support channel is also supported by Microsoft calling plans in public preview. Customers can purchase their own numbers through Azure subscriptions. Check your eligibility and learn how to enable Microsoft calling plans.

As the native voice channel in Dynamics 365 Customer Service continues to expand in regions, languages, and capabilities, subscribe to this blog for the latest updates. Set up your Omnichannel for Customer Service and install the voice channel today.

Learn more

Read the documentation to learn about the features the voice channel now supports in the UK: Voice channel in Omnichannel for Customer Service | Microsoft Learn