Improve customer loyalty and reduce fraud with Nuance Gatekeeper

Nuance Gatekeeper is a biometric authentication and fraud prevention technology that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. It offers a streamlined verification process that allows contact centers to identify customers through natural conversation without relying on specific questions, security codes, or secret questions and answers. 

This technology provides a secure and seamless way to verify customer identities so call center agents can focus their attention on serving these individuals. The results include increased customer satisfaction and reduced average call handling times. By using voice biometrics, Nuance Gatekeeper can quickly and accurately verify a customer’s identity, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and protecting customers’ personal data from unauthorized access.   

The integration of Nuance Gatekeeper into the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform (DCCP) is a significant step forward in improving the customer experience and enhancing contact center security. It allows businesses to provide fast, personalized service while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. 

We are announcing the opportunity to preview Nuance Gatekeeper services for all customers using the voice channel in their contact centers. Microsoft is inviting interested customers to explore the capabilities of this technology and see how it can improve their operations. Customers must nominate themselves at the Dynamics Insider portal to experience the benefits of this innovative solution firsthand. 

Biometric authentication

As part of DCCP and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Nuance Gatekeeper uses strong biometric authentication to reduce friction and send customers on their way to a fast resolution. They won’t have to share sensitive personal data to authenticate themselves, and they can use voice authentication on an opt-in basis. Customers can opt out of biometric authentication at any time.  

Dynamics 365 Customer Service agents can enroll customers in biometric authentication and verify customer identity in each subsequent call. Nuance Gatekeeper alerts agents to suspected fraudsters and flags fraudulent conversations. Agents have insight into the customer’s full consent history.  

Contact center administrators can configure specific channels to use Nuance Gatekeeper services within their omnichannel environments and determine the parameters for authentication.

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Conversation with an authenticated customer in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Fraud prevention

Stop fraudsters in their tracks while kicking customer interactions into high gear. Nuance Gatekeeper can detect fraudulent calls before they reach the contact center agent while giving legitimate customers the greenlight for personalized support. 

In addition to caller authentication, fraud detection capabilities prevent attackers from usurping your customers’ identities using layered methods including a suspected fraudsters watchlist, and synthetic speech and playback detectors. Additional factors like device, network, and location signals help identify suspicious activity. 

Nuance Gatekeeper checks caller voices against a watchlist to alert the contact center agent about known fraudsters. The agent can then take steps outlined in their organization’s fraud detection policy. If the caller isn’t flagged but the agent finds the caller suspicious, the agent can manually flag the conversation within their workspace in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.  

Fraud teams can use the information gathered by contact center agents to block fraudsters, analyze fraud patterns and trends, and gather data to assist law enforcement. 

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Conversation with fraud detected in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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