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Transition to real-time marketing and transform your Customer Experience

Adapting to evolving customer expectations: staying ahead in the new marketing landscape

Customer experience has significantly transformed in recent years, moving away from linear buying journeys and one-size-fits-all approaches. Nowadays, customers expect digitally enabled, hyper-personalized experiences. To stay competitive, organizations must embrace a customer-first approach, bridging departmental gaps to deliver cohesive experiences. By harnessing the power of their data, organizations can gain a deep understanding of their customers, anticipate behaviors, and craft 1:1 personalized experiences across all touchpoints, including sales, marketing, business operations, and service functions to drive better customer engagement and long-term loyalty. However, that is not enough, to become or stay leaders in their industries, organizations need to take advantage of generative AI to unlock capabilities and levels of productivity that were previously out of reach.

We are making it easier than ever to acquire these capabilities. Today, at Inspire, we announced, that Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing are coming together as one offering named Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, an AI driven solution which will revolutionize your customers experiences. Within this solution are two apps: Customer Insights – Data (currently known as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights) that empowers you to effectively build a unified, real time 360-degree profile of your customers, and Customer Insights – Journeys (currently known as Dynamics 365 Marketing) that allows you to act on this comprehensive understanding to deliver highly personalized experiences. These two apps allow you to start with data or journeys and purchase what you want while providing a 40 percent savings on the base license offer compared to previous packaging.

To learn more please visit Dynamics 365 Customer Insights FAQs.

Transforming customer experiences with real-time marketing and Copilot generative AI capabilities

Recognizing the need for a modern approach to address the high level of engagement demanded by customers, over the next year we will be transitioning all customers of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys from outbound to real-time marketing. Transitioning to real-time marketing enables you to do more with less, drives superior business results, caters to the evolving customer experience landscape, and will propel your businesses into the future of marketing. Real-time marketing has already surpassed traditional outbound marketing in functionality, effectiveness, usability testing results, satisfaction surveys. Moreover, our innovations and upcoming AI features are available exclusively in real-time marketing.

Starting August 2023, new customer environments will only include real-time marketing and event management. Existing customers, if necessary, will be able to add outbound marketing through a self-serve interface. We will continue to support outbound marketing but will not be adding new enhancements.

Transition to real-time marketing

Operations manager presenting.

By transitioning to real-time marketing now, you can gain the following benefits:

Leverage AI to do more with less

Embrace generative AI to ensure long-term success by increasing your productivity while delivering superior customer experiences. You can already leverage Copilot features to assist you in targeting the right audience simply by describing your segments using everyday words – without having to learn the underlying data model or construct queries. With content ideas, you can provide key points or select a topic and a tone of voice matching your message to generate engaging email content within seconds. Furthermore, to complement your message, you can easily choose images from your library that resonate with your audience without having to spend time searching for them.
In the upcoming months, you will be able to use innovative Copilot capabilities to make your messages more compelling by rewriting your existing content, create journeys just by describing them in simple words, set up quiet times to prevent messages from sending during unwanted times, effortlessly style your emails and forms based on your website design, and receive guidance to authenticate your domains easily. By adopting AI now your organization will be better equipped to stay competitive and thrive in the ever-evolving market landscape, ensuring better business results.

Optimize every interaction

Experience the power of seamless integration between Customer Insights – Data and Customer Insights – Journeys, allowing you to continuously capitalize on customer understanding and insights in real-time, to proactively address customer needs and enhance every interaction. Leverage real-time marketing to craft journeys for contact and lead entities in Dataverse, or profiles from Customer Insights. React to customers’ actions instantly using out-of-the-box triggers, custom triggers, or triggers based on any data change in Dataverse without writing any code. Refine your audience targeting with advanced segmentation capabilities, and an unlimited number of segments. Deliver your messages through out-of-the-box text messages, push notifications, custom channels and benefit from AI-powered channel optimization to reach customers on the most effective channel. Embrace hyper-personalization features like dynamic text and no-code conditional content to support 1:1 responsive campaigns tailored to individual preferences with real-time marketing.

Sales team meeting
Unify sales and marketing

To win deals, sales and marketing teams must work together – break down silos between these teams to fuel revenue growth and increase pipeline. As a marketer, use our new and improved UX across all capabilities! As part of the enhanced upcoming lead scoring builder, you will be able to define granular qualification criteria to better identify and prioritize leads. Thanks to the deep integration with Dynamics 365 Sales, you can align your efforts with sellers by sharing a unified timeline of customer activities, seamlessly transfer qualified leads to the sales team or engage sales representatives within your customer journey exactly at the right time by assigning a sales call or triggering a sales sequence to further increase the likelihood of closing deals. Continuously optimize your marketing efforts by using AI-powered attribution analytics to understand how your marketing activities contribute to your defined milestones.

Scale your business

Real-time marketing unlocks new opportunities for growth and success. Thanks to business units, brand profiles, and a new consent center you can tailor real-time marketing to cater to your business’ unique requirements. As a scalable, customizable solution, real-time supports up to 100 million marketing contacts with 300 million monthly interactions so you can grow your customer base in new markets, reach additional geographies, promote new products, or expand your prospective customer pipeline to reach higher sales targets.

The future is now: the new Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and real-time marketing

To make sure your transition to real-time marketing is a success, we have designed a user-friendly interface that does not require extensive retraining – you will experience UI enhancements that significantly improve usability and efficiency.
To easily kick start delivering experiences using real-time marketing, we have designed an email transition tool, made outbound segments available directly in real-time, and empowered you to generate more engaging content and revisit or create new journeys within minutes thanks to our new AI Copilot features.

Please visit for detailed guidance and resources for transitioning to the real-time marketing.

We are excited about how this change to an AI powered, unified Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, with a generative AI interface coming to every capability will fundamentally change what your company can achieve and how easily you will be able to achieve it.
We look forward to building the future of customer experiences together and have big plans for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights in the coming year and beyond.

Read our real-time marketing FAQ

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