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Announcing unlimited application installs in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

We’re excited to announce unlimited application installs when starting with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, an improvement to our license definition and installation management experience. As of June 30, 2024 we’ve removed application installation limits for Customer Insights–Journeys (real-time journeys only) and Customer Insights–Data. Previous application installations had restrictions of four per base license of the new Dynamics 365 Customer Insights license launched September 2023, and one if using the older, standalone Marketing license.  

Unlimited application installations: What it means for you

 After June 30, 2024, as an admin, you have unlimited application installs with Customer Insights – Journeys (real-time only) and Customer Insights – Data on as many production and sandbox environments in the Power Platform Admin Center as you’d like. Admins with a paid Dynamics 365 Customer Insights license on their tenant (i.e. production or sandbox environments) will no longer see the application installation counter and limits. See details on how to install Customer Insights. Customer Insights –Journeys, application install limits still apply to additional installations of legacy outbound marketing solutions. (This accommodates the high cost of the background services.) For customers using only real-time Journeys, there is no installation limit.

  • Access the installation management page by going to -> Resources -> Dynamics 365 apps -> Dynamics 365 Customer Insights or Marketing -> … -> Manage. Because it’s no longer restricted, the meter doesn’t display the count of paid application installations you’re entitled to or have used. However, trials are still limited to one per license.
  • If your tenant has used outbound marketing solutions, you see a meter monitoring your entitled and installed instances of outbound marketing. We count outbound marketing instances based on the previous application logic. For Dynamics 365 Marketing standalone licenses and application add-on licenses you get one install per license. For the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights combined license launched September 2023, you get four outbound marketing installs per base license. Learn more about who can enable outbound marketing.

Enhancing your applications installation experience

While making this change, we took the opportunity to simplify the user experience further with the following small changes:

  • We removed the little gray “i” icon with the environment URL. Find the environment URL in the green checkmark.
  • If your tenant does not have any Dynamics 365 Customer Insights or Marketing licenses, you see a view which offers you links to learn how to buy.

We hope these license definition and user experience improvements simplify your experience installing Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.