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SCM related Question and Answers on Dynamics AX

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Newsgroups are excellent sources for technical and application related information about Dynamics AX.

We encourage you to use the newsgroups when looking for advice or answers for question on Dynamics AX.

During the last year, we received a number of question thought this blog, usually as follow-up questions to the information that we provided. The following Q&A list is an extract with answers to some SCM related questions that might be of general interest to our readers.

BOM setup

Question: I would like to know how we can set up a BOM that uses raw materials to produce end products.


Sunflower seeds (raw material) are crushed to produce sunflower oil (finished product) and cake (finished product)

The ratio for the finished product is 64% cake and 36% oil for every 50MT of seed.

Can we use the BOM Report as finished journal to process the end products? The crushing is done by a third party and only service fee is paid for the crushing.

Answer: Customers have used the Report as finished journal for disassembly in the past. Your scenario is not disassembly, but it does have multiple outputs.

BOM item = Cake (with a positive quantity)

BOM line = Seed (with a positive quantity)

BOM line = Oil (with a negative quantity)

However, we must inform you that this is very basic functionality and as such it has its limitations.

For example, you mention that crushing is done by a 3rd party. You will have to customize to, for example, check the stock of cake, seed and oil at the crusher’s site and generate documents for invoicing/excise payments etc. while moving goods to and from warehouses.

The Report as finished journal is designed for companies with a limited need for production functionality and which, typically, do not buy the Production licenses.

If this scenario corresponds to your customer scenario, we recommend caution if you apply a setup as described above.

However, if you expect a large amount of these transactions, consider using the Process Industries functionality which is available through the PMF and PDS licenses on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

Click microsoft dynamics partnersource link to download the add-on features.

Possible use of pallet IDs

Question: We would like to implement pallet IDs in Dynamics AX 3, service pack 6. The reason why we want to use pallet IDs is that we want to represent a “box” in AX as a pallet. We would like to know the following:

1. All boxes are stored in a packaging warehouse. Do we need to create a transfer journal to move the pallet from the packaging warehouse to the receiving warehouse? The receiving warehouse is where the goods will be entered into a pallet.

Answer: No, a pallet movement can also be used for this purpose.

2. Can the pallet be initialized at receipt using the Registration form? Or must we create an arrival journal?

Answer: The Registration form, available from Accounts payable > Inventory > Registration, can be used. A new pallet can be created in the Pallet setup form.

3. Can items be transferred from one pallet to another pallet? That is, how do we handle the scenario where an item is registered for a sales order and a new pallet/box needs to be specified?

Answer: We assume that the scenario has to do with a picking task. Any pallet with an available on-hand quantity can be selected. If the scenario has to do with a packing/staging function of picked inventory being moved to another pallet/box, the AX 2009 version is required.

4. Will the pallet still be available in the system when the item is sold? Or does the pallet disappear from the system when the item is picked?

Answer: A pallet can be reused in Dynamics AX. It can be specified on the warehouse that an empty pallet should be moved to an empty pallet location when the last item is picked from the pallet.

5. Can we skip using picking routes?

Answer: Yes a picking registration can be used and so can the picking journal in Dynamics AX3.

Automatic picking location assignment for receiving goods in WMS

Question: Can you describe how, in AX 2009 WMS, to receive goods on pallets and have a picking location assigned automatically if a picking location does not exist for the item?

Answer: Thank you for the feature request. We are sorry to say that this is not possible.

Automatic change and assignment of picking locations is not possible in existing versions of Dynamics AX.

If you select the Check picking location check box on an Item arrival journal line and no picking location exists, you get a message upon validation about the lack of a picking location setup for the warehouse item.

Picking list sorting by location

Question: I have problems getting the pick list to sort by location. Please share some information on how to accomplish this task in Dynamics AX 2009.

Answer: The picking list lines (wmsOrderTrans) are sorted using this method call: WMSOrderTrans::queryAddSortDefault(qbdsWMSOrderTrans); in the init() method on the form data sources.

The method has the following sort order:


    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, RouteId));

    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, IsReserved), SortOrder::Descending);//un-reserved should end up in the bottom

    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, ItemSortCode));

    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, SortCode));

    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, ItemId));

    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, ItemTagging));

    _qbS.addSortField(fieldnum(WMSOrderTrans, CaseTagging));

The wmsOrderTrans.sortCode is set based on the sortcode on the wmsLocation.sortCode.

Hope this helps,

Dynamics Ax SCM Team