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Data…. The New Marketing Creative

Data. You’ve got a LOT of it. You use it every day for reporting and analysis to determine effective campaign management to your clients and prospects. But with 600 Tweets, 20,000 Bing searches, and 700 Facebook posts per second, marketers are no longer in control of their brands, thanks to the real-time web. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept defeat and succumb to these new challenges. By bringing your data together across channels, it’s possible (even easy!) to successfully embrace real-time marketing and evolve campaign management to conversation management – turning previous challenges into ROI opportunities. The key simply lies in establishing data as the new marketing creative.

Connecting deeply with customers has been the marketers’ mission for more than a century, and has developed from offline channels to online channels. Gone are the days when marketers could deploy a campaign to the masses based on common traits of the majority. In the era of real-time marketing, generic marketing messages are at best ignored, and at worst a reason for consumers to opt-out of a brand’s messages forever. That’s why the new era of real-time marketing isn’t about print, broadcast, exported data, or interactions alone. It’s about using what you know about your customers (key data insights) and listening to what they tell you through your interactions with them to develop marketing creative. Data- not colors and vector files-is the new creative of the real-time web.To engage in meaningful dialogue- regardless of whether one is conversing with a friend or a business prospect-one must first know something about the person he’s talking to in order to build a healthy relationship. That’s exactly why marketers need a combination of new and traditional data-from CRM and analytics to social and real-time web data-to effectively build relationships with their customers and maintain them across channels and over time. Marketers need to capture and use this winning combination of data to impact creative elements before they’re even created. Brands will be able to deliver more targeted, relevant, and engaging messages- across channels, and specific to each customer’s unique perspective.Seamless real-time integrations with your CRM system will not only eliminate the challenges of multiple data sources and disjointed databases-they will provide marketers with one view of their customers (and all of their customer data and insights). When this single view of all customers is further enhanced with the emerging forms of social and real-time web data, things like segmenting audiences, automating programs, and sending highly personalized messages on a large scale become easy.To learn more about maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing program check out why more than 400 organizations worldwide integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ExactTarget to send targeted, relevant messages to their subscribers via email, mobile, social, and sites.How are you using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to effectively engage your customers and prospects?