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Dynamics 365

Collaborate with new Access teams

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online introduced a new type of a team, called Access team. Just like with the owner teams that you are familiar with, you’ll use access teams to share business objects and collaborate with other CRM users across business units. However, it is a lot easier and quicker to create or disband an access team, and no pressure to know ahead of time how many teams you need to create. An access team doesn’t have any security roles assigned to the team and doesn’t own any records. Instead, the records are shared with the access team and team is granted access rights on the records, such as Read, Write, or Append. The access team members have privileges defined by their individual security roles and by roles from the teams in which they are members. You can create an access team yourself, or the system creates it for you. 

Use access teams, when:    

  • The teams are dynamically formed and dissolved. This typically happens if the clear criteria for defining the teams, such as established territory, product, or volume are not provided.
  • The number of teams is not known at the design time of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.
  • The team members require different access rights on the records. You can share a record with several access teams, each team providing different access rights on the record. For example, one team is granted the Read access right on the account and another team, the Read, Write, and Share access rights on the same account.
  • A record is shared with a unique set of users that don’t own the record.

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