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A complete list of year 2013 – 2014 Microsoft Dynamics AX Monthly webinars with links to recordings.

In this post you can find an elaborated description of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Monthly webinars that were delivered in 2013-2014.

Each agenda point normally has a duration of 15-20 minutes, except SEPA which is 5-10 minutes. Each session has a duration of appr. one hour.

You can find too, a link to access the recording of a webinar.

To be able to watch the recording, please click on the “Submit” button.

Subsequently select the start button to watch the recording. You may have to register for the event itself, before you can click the submit button.

Monthly webinar, November 2013:

–     Intercompany invoice in Project module, released in CU7 for AX 2012 R2.

  • Review of the concepts of borrowing and lending Legal entities, prerequisites and how Intercompany project invoicing works.

–     Diagnostics.

  • A review of Diagnostics, how the packages work and the benefits of using Diagnostics.

–     AX 2012 R2 CU7, new tool – AxBUILD.exe and known installation issues

  • All about the new tool AxBUILD.exe that enables you to compile many times faster and tips about known CU7 installation issues.

–     SEPA Latest information

  • Latest KBs, latest reported issues and useful resources.

Link to the recording:


Monthly webinar, January 2014:

–   AX troubleshooting, part I, determine which country features are touched by a particular operation.

  • How to know which country features are touched, which can be useful when you develop, test, troubleshoot or upgrade.

–   Enterprise portal troubleshooting.

  • SharePoint logs,
  • Advanced errors,
  • Business connector errors and known issues.

–   Enhancements in Work breakdown structure (WBS) in Project module in CU7

  • A demo and review of what is new in the Scheduling engine.

–   SEPA, latest information.

  • Latest KBs, latest reported issues.

Link to the recording:


Monthly webinar, February 2014:

–  AX troubleshooting part II, which tables are updated by an operation in AX?

  • See how a report can print a snapshot before and after an operation in AX.  
  • Are the right tables populated after an upgrade?
  • Are there unexpected results?

–  SEPA, latest information.

  • Latest KBs, latest reported issues and information about DD schemes.

–  Tips from an Escalation engineer.

  • Useful blogs and Issue search in Lifecycle services (LCS).

–  How AX content is organized.

  • Where and you find AX content and how it he content organized?
  • What content is exclusively for partners?

Link to the recording:


Monthly webinar, March 2014:

–  AX troubleshooting part III, create as many journal lines as you like!

  • A demo of a small tool that can generate a lot of transactions, like Ledger-, Customer- and Tax transactions. Useful when you need a large dataset to test
    performance on Inquiries/Reports, when you need to generate a payment file or whatever purpose.

–  Lifecycle services (LCS), Business process modeler.

  • See what the Business process modeler is and a demo of the tool.

–  AX 2012 R3 Retail news and Retail monitoring.

  • What is new in Retail tech
  • Overview of the R3 Retail architecture
  • Enhancements in Retail monitoring
  • Central administration in System Center Operation Manager (SCOM).

–  SEPA, latest information.

  • Latest KBs and latest information on reported issues.

Link to the recording:


Monthly webinar, April 2014:

–  AX and Debug Diagnostic Tool 2.0 (DebugDiag)

  • The tool is designed to assist in troubleshooting issues, such as hangs, slow performance, memory leaks or fragmentation and AOS crashes in any user-mode
    process. See how to use it – and where to get it.

–  AX 2012 R2 – Collection letter feature for EU countries (Collection agency), KB 2912713.

  • See how to setup and use this functionality.

–  Account structure relationships: how to make end-users lives easier!

  • Watch an example of how to define which cost centers can be used for a certain range of Ledger accounts and more complex rules.

–  SEPA, latest information.

  • Latest KBs, no File system adapter for SEPA? and information on reported issues.

Link to the recording:


Monthly webinar May 2014:

–  How to create a sales order via AIF.

  • See what AIF can be used for.
  • Get a brief description of the AIF architecture.
  • How to setup AIF inbound ports.
  • Demo of how to create a program in Visual studio to create sales orders and AIF troubleshooting.

–  Timesheet workflows in AX 2012 R2.

  • General setup of Timesheet workflows and known issues after CU7.

–  Lifecycle services (LCS), Cloud powered support.

  • What is Cloud support on LCS?
  • How to  and why use it
  • Create virtual environment and snapshots

–  SEPA, latest information.

  • Which KBs are included in R3? Latest KBs and reported issues.

Link to the recording:


Monthly webinar June 2014:

–  In-place upgrade to AX 2012 R3.

  • Watch this to get an overview of In-place upgrade to R3 and a list of resources.

–  Warehouse Management and Transportation in R3 – getting started.

  • Understand the configuration, design of locations, define processing templates and warehouse mobility. 
  • Troubleshooting tip and useful links.

–  Lifecycle services (LCS), a recap of Cloud powered support and AX in Azure

  • A walk through of the steps when a support incident is created.
  • AX in Azure, Cloud hosted environments and what is needed for Demo- and developer environment.

–  SEPA latest information.

  • Latest KBs, known issues and what has to be done after install of a SEPA KB.

Link to the recording: