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Dynamics 365
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No Financial Quantity Exists, but a Financial Amount Does

Ever run into an issue where you’re looking at a location in the on-hand window, and you see that no inventory exists for that location, however, there is a financial amount in the window. Sometimes, it’s not a big amount, maybe just a couple of cents, but there is an amount in there with no inventory. This can be troublesome, but it is explainable.

In Dynamics AX, the financial amounts available to be shown are determined by how deep you’re tracking your financial inventory. In other words, if you’re only tracking financial inventory to the Site level, you can still view the inventory at the Warehouse level, but the financial value may be inaccurate because you are not tracking the financial inventory to that level. The same would be true if you’re trying to view the inventory at the Location level, but only tracking it to the Warehouse level.

There is one thing of note here though. Between AX 2009 and 2012, the option to track inventory to the Location level was removed. There was a lot of inaccurate data with tracking the financial inventory to this specific of a level, so the option to track it was removed. So if you’re noticing anything in AX 2012 onward and are looking at the location, it is not possible to track financial inventory to the location level or lower, so you will likely see a financial value with no physical value. There’s nothing to worry about here, it’s just the way the system works because of not tracking the financial inventory to this level.