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How to: Automatically assigning a Load template ID to a load in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

This blog post assumes the readers are familiar with the new
Warehouse Management (WMS) and Transportation Management Module (TMS) in
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.


The creation of loads for sales orders, transfer orders and
purchase orders is a process that can be completed manually or automatically
upon the creation of a document. In both cases a user is require to manually
assign a Load Template ID to the load so that key information from the template
can be referenced throughout the processing of the load. Manually assigning the
Load Template ID may not be a sustainable process for many customers. With a
little setup the system will automatically assign the Load Template ID to a
load based on Item Group.

To configure a particular Item Group to use a
specific Load Template follow these steps:

1) Navigate to Warehouse management | Setup | Load
| Item load mapping

2) In the Item load mapping form click New

     a. Item group = Audio (select and item group)

     b. Load template ID = Stnd Load Template

With the mapping in place new loads that are created for items that belong to the “Audio” item group will

automatically have the “Stnd Load Template” template.