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Dynamics 365

Cannot edit the WCF configuration out of the Dynamics AX 2012 client configuration Tool.

If you cannot open the Service Configuration editor out of the Client configuration tool you can use the following workaround:

1. Open the Client configuration tool

2. Click the Configure Services button

3. Receive the error message that it can’t open the Service Configuration editor.

4. Agree with the Message

5. The configuration tool will open a TXT file.

6. Note the name of the File and keep the TXT file open

7. Open the Service Configuration editor manually from the Start Menu.

8. Open the TXT file from the Configuration tool. This is located under: c:\users\”username”\appdata\local\temp\1

9. Edit the file as you want in the Service Configuration editor.

10. Then save the file in the Service Configuration editor.

11. Now close the TXT file in Notepad without saving.

12. Press the Apply button in the Client configuration Tool.

Now all changes are done and stored.

The reason we have to do it like this is because only the “Apply” Button is pushing the WCF setting

into the Registry blob under “WCFconfig”.

Or into the created configuration axc file.


Writer: Uwe Zimmermann <>