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Integration Events in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces a new type of integration point: events.

Events are a C/AL feature in which an object maintains a list of its subscribers, and notifies them automatically of any state changes. This is done by calling on a subscriber method. Subscriber methods don’t need to be in the same object and this fact enables integration developers to build decoupled systems. You can write Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions by interfering with and rewriting much less of the base application code.

In addition to enabling you to define your own events, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application comes with a set of events in different areas of the product. You can see the list of events on the Get Started with Eventing page in the Dynamics NAV Developer Center.

For more information, see Introducing Events.

As we continue our innovation, we would like to get your feedback and suggestions for future integration events. In order to manage the process and be able to make the right decisions and implementation, we kindly ask you to follow the process below:

  1. Go to the MS Connect Product Suggestions site for Dynamics NAV at
  2. Log in, and then fill this template:
    1. Title:   [IntEvent] Event Name.
      For example: [IntEvent] OnAfterReleaseSalesOrder
    2. Product Area:  Integration Events
    3. In the Description field, please provide the following information:
      1. Which business scenario do you want to solve?
      2. Where do you want the event placed?
  3. Signature of the event (meaning function name with parameters)?
  4. Are there other events needed to solve your business scenario?
  5. Which other options do you have if this event is not implemented?
  6. Have you tried to implemented this event yourself to verify it works for your business scenario?
    1. Did you try on an existing release of Dynamics NAV?
    2. If yes: were you able to make it work?
    3. If not, why?

Microsoft and the Dynamics NAV team do not make any commitment about the implementation of the requested events or the timeframe when this could happen. Your input will be handled as suggestions to the product teams and be evaluated against other product suggestions and feature improvements.  Please note that suggestions are covered by the Connect terms of use which can be found at