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Exciting new features in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.3

We’re excited to share the news for the features included in the latest release that help you boost the productivity of your organization. Microsoft Social Engagement now analyzes post in English for the author’s intention. The new automation rules enable highly efficient scenarios to automatically create records form posts in Dynamics CRM based on specified criteria. Sentiment analysis now comes with Arabic language capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can now share any post found in Social Engagement with one of your social profiles.

Boost your team’s productivity using intention analysis and automation rules

To increase the efficiency for sales and service teams, Social Engagement automatically detects intentions in social posts. This will increase sales performance through suggestions on leads coming in from social channels as well as increase team efficiency for service organizations by identifying potential cases coming in through social channels. Posts in English coming from Twitter or Facebook get processed by Azure Machine Learning to determine the following intentions.

  • Purchase: Someone mentions interest in buying a product or service on public social media. A sales rep can quickly find these posts and follow up with the prospects to support the buying process.
  • Complaint: Someone complains about a product or a service and a service rep can proactively reach out to help mitigating the issue and avoid churn.
  • Support request: Someone is stuck using a product or a service and looks for help on public social media. A support rep can create a case in CRM and proactively engage the person to solve the issue.
  • Information request: Someone states interest in a product or service and looks for further information. A sales or service rep can get in touch with the person to share additional information to help with the open questions.

To analyze the intentions in the user interface, we introduced the Intentions widget on the Conversations page in Analytics. At a glance, you can find out if there are more purchase intents after you launched a marketing campaign and get an additional indicator of its success. Or you can find out if there are major issues bubbling up due to an increased volume of posts with support requests or complaints.

Now that we can automatically identify intentions, let’s take the way you work with Social Engagement to the next level. Let the system do your manual work. Automation rules let you automatically link posts matching your specified filter criteria to CRM entities such as cases and leads. Combine this with intention analysis and you can setup an automated triage process. For example, a purchase intention that mentions your product or service can automatically create a lead record in CRM. Or customer issues on social media can be automatically identified and routed to your service department as cases in CRM. This are just a few examples and the options are huge. So get started today.

Share a link from a post found in Social Engagement

This new feature lets you redistribute content across social media. When you find a post in Social Engagement, be it on a stream in Social Center, or in the post list in Analytics, you can share this post to your peers with a few clicks. Simply click the Post Link button and add some text you want to add to your post. Choose the social profile to post to, and you’re done. For example, when you find a your product mentioned on a blog, you can share this blog with a few clicks with your followers on Twitter and Facebook to increase its visibility. It’s as simple to spread interesting posts.

Sentiment analysis for Arabic language

The updated sentiment algorithm provides you with the capability to perform sentiment analysis for posts in Arabic language. Additionally, post content in Arabic, Hebrew, or Urdu now displays with a right-to-left alignment in the post list and in post details.

We hope you are going the be as excited as we are.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more exciting news to share soon!

Microsoft Social Engagement team