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Dynamics 365

Sales tax rounding in EPOS

In AX2012 R3 CU10 two different Total prices (Gross amounts) are calculated in EPOS for the same product with different product dimensions.

E.g. Item price with no tax is 33,61+19% Sales tax = price tax included is 39,9959 if we calculate manually, which is 40,00.

When the product is selected in EPOS the first time- Gross amount calculated 40,00 (tax percentage is 19,01).

The second time, the same product, but with different product dimensions, selected, and now Gross amount calculated 39,99 (tax percentage is 18,98).

On the receipt these two different gross amounts are printed for the same product.

The expected result– it should be the same Gross amount calculated for the same product each time.

To get the expected result Sales tax code setup should be the following:

We recommend the Sales tax code to set up with ‘Marginal base’= “Net amount per line”.

With the above setup, you will get an expected result in EPOS- both lines with the same product has the same Gross amount 40,00 and Balance amount for payment 80,00.