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Dynamics 365

Excel Add-in adding dimensions to a template

Importing values with dimensions and/or adding financial dimensions to ANY excel template (GL, budgeting, etc).

  1. Make sure all financial dimensions have been added to Dynamics 365 for Operations and activated. There is a status on each financial dimension that tells you if it is Active of Inactive. If any are showing Inactive after a refresh on the page, be sure to Activate them.
  2. Modify the DimensionCombinationEntity or DimensionSetEntity (for default dimensions). You can do this on both AX7 and Operations.
  3. Create an integration format in the Financial dimension configuration for integrating applications.
  4. Add the financial dimensions to the Excel template and publish the template.
  5. If you want to take it one step further and have lookups on the financial dimensions.

If you are simply importing values with entities in the Data Management area, you only need the integration format.