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Dynamics 365

Inventory value report doesn’t show some inventory dimensions.

Normally, we use inventory value report to view the inventory value and quantity. Sometimes, we cannot see some inventory dimensions in the report. To make the inventory dimensions showing in the report, you need to make sure:
1) Go to USMF/Inventory management/Setup/Inventory/Inventory value reports, select the inventory value report ID which you use to view the report and make sure the inventory dimensions are selected.
2) Check the item storage and tracking dimension groups. Only the dimensions that have the option ‘financial inventory’ enabled can be shown in the report.
For example, there is an item ‘test’. In the storage dimensions group, only site is financial inventory enabled. Site and warehouse are both physical inventory enabled. In the tracking dimension group, batch number is physical inventory enabled while financial inventory is disabled.
Now in the inventory value report ID settings, site, warehouse and batch number are all selected. If we view the report, we can only see site is shown in the report while warehouse and batch number columns are blank.
In conclusion, inventory value report can only show the inventory dimensions which are financial inventory enabled. This logic is also applied for Dynamics 365 for Operations.