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Create a customer service schedule and define the work hours (Customer Service)

To define when your service or support team is available for providing support to customers, create a customer service schedule in Microsoft Dynamics 365. A customer service schedule determines the business hours for each day in a week and also the weekly off. Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses these details for time tracking of service level agreements (SLAs).

For SLA time tracking, make sure you add a holiday schedule to the customer service schedule, and associate this customer service schedule to the SLA record.


This feature was introduced in CRM Online Spring '14 update and in CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (on-premises).

Interested in getting this feature? More information: Find your Dynamics 365 administrator or support person

Create a customer service schedule

  1. Make sure that you have the Customer Service Manager, System Administrator, or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions.

    Check your security role

    • Follow the steps in View your user profile.

    • Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

  2. Go to Settings > Service Management.

  3. Click Customer Service Schedule.

  4. To create a new customer service schedule, click + New.


    To edit a schedule that you already have, in the list of records, select the schedule, and on the command bar, click Edit.

  5. In the Create Customer Service Schedule dialog box, in the Name box, type a meaningful name for the schedule, like “APAC Customer Schedule”, and click Create.

  6. In the Weekly Schedule dialog box, under Set the recurring weekly schedule section, follow these steps:

    1. For work hours, select one of these options:

      • Are the same each day. The schedule is the same for every day of the week. After you select this option, to select the days of the week that the customer support is available, click Set Work Hours.

        To set the work hours for the days, click Set Work Hours. For more information, see the Define work hours for the customer service schedule section in this topic.

      • Vary by day. The new schedule is different for one or more days of the week. After you select this option, select the days of the week that the customer support is available, and also specify the work hours for each day.

      • 24 x 7 support. The customer support is available 24 hours a day, and all days a week.

    2. For Work Days, select the check box for each day that the customer support resources will be available and working.

    3. For Holiday Schedule, select Observe to specify when your service organization will be closed.

      If you selected Observe, select a holiday schedule from the lookup box. More information: Set up a holiday schedule (Customer Service)

  7. Under Select the time zone, in the Time Zone drop-down box, select the time zone in which your customer support resources will work.

  8. Click Save and Close.

Define the work hours for the schedule

In the Set Work Hours dialog box, complete the following fields, and then click OK:

  • Start

    Select the time the work day starts.

  • End

    Select the time the work day ends.

To add a break in the work hours, like a lunch break, click Add Break, and then select the start and end time of the break.

Applies To

Dynamics 365 (online)

Dynamics 365 (on-premises)

Dynamics CRM Online

Dynamics CRM 2016

Dynamics CRM 2015

Dynamics CRM 2013