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Create or edit a resource group (Customer Service)

Use resource groups to group users, facilities, and equipment as part of the selection rules for a service.

Create a resource group

  1. Go to Settings > Business Management.

  2. Click Resource Groups.

  3. On the Actions toolbar, click New.

  4. In the Resource Groups form, enter information in the following fields:

    • Name

      You must enter a name for the resource group. Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not check that the name is unique.

    • Business Unit

      To locate and select a business unit, click the Lookup button .

    • Description

      You can add a detailed description of this resource group, including the criteria that you used to determine which resources to add to the resource group.

  5. Click Save.

    After you save the record, Resources appears under Common.

  6. Click Resources, and then on the Actions toolbar, click Add Resources.

  7. In the Look Up dialog box, select the users, facilities/equipment, teams, or other resource groups to add to this resource group.

    Adding other resource groups to a resource group is a good way to manage large numbers of resources. For example, you could add the resource groups of "senior technicians" and "junior technicians" to a resource group of "technicians."

  8. Click OK to add the selected resources to the resource group.

  9. Click Save or Save and Close.

Edit a resource group

  1. Navigate to your area.

    Go to Settings > Business Management.

  2. Click Resource Groups.

  3. Open the resource group you want to change.

  4. In the Resource Groups form, change the information.

  5. Click Save or Save and Close.


Resource groups are published automatically when you save and close the form. If the new resource group doesn’t appear in the list of available resource groups for a service, or if changes are not appearing, you can manually publish the change by clicking Publish on the Resource Groups page.

To remove a resource, select the resource you want to remove from the resource group. On the Actions toolbar, click More Actions, and then click Remove Resources.

Installing a solution or publishing customizations can interfere with normal system operation. We recommend that you schedule a solution import when it’s least disruptive to users.

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