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Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is an end-to-end solution that you can use to manage your field service team.


  • The capabilities in this solution require Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Before you install the Field Service solution, you need to accept the terms and conditions to configure it in Dynamics 365.

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Install Field Service (online)

Install Field Service (on-premises)

Add users

Enable help for Field Service

Customize Field Service forms and reports

Install Field Service (online)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a preferred solution. There are several ways to install it. More information: Onboard your organization and users to Dynamics 365 (online)


You can't run an older version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and a new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service on the same instance.

Install Field Service (on-premises)

This feature is supported of the way of the December 2016 Update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) or later. Before you install Field Service (on-premises) make sure you have the following:

  • A Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Enterprise Edition (online) license, or a Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1 or Plan 2 (online) license. More information: Read “Dual Use Rights" in the Licensing and Pricing Guide.

  • Active on-premises deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server.

  • A user account with Office 365 Global Administrator (online) and Dynamics 365 Directory Administrator (on-premises) credentials.

  1. To download and install Field Service (on-premises), go to: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Downloads.

  2. Read and accept the license agreement.

  3. Extract the files. The package deployer installation tool will launch automatically.


    If the installation tool doesn't launch, run the PackageDeployer.exe tool from the Field Service sub-folder in the installation folder.

  4. On the Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM screen, select On-premises Deployment Type and then enter your administrator credentials for the server.

  5. Click Next and proceed through the installation steps.

  6. On the Dynamics 365 for Field Service License Validation screen, enter your Dynamics 365 (online) administrator credentials and then click Next.

  7. Proceed through the installation steps to complete the installation.

The following online services or capabilities are not supported for on-premises use:

Service or Capability


Resource Schedule Optimization

Cloud-based add-on service that automates the assignment of resources to match work based on skills, availability, travel time, and other resource profile and work requirements.

Connected Field Service

Cloud-based integration and process extension that connects Field Service to the Azure IoT Suite through the Internet of Things connector.

Office 365 Exchange integration

Cloud-based integration that enables synchronization of assigned work and appointments with individual user calendars.

Power BI

Cloud-based suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights.

Portal capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Cloud-based portal experiences that depend on online services.

Voice of the Customer for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Cloud-based service to create and send surveys for feedback from your customers about products or services.

Integration with Glympse

Connection to a third party, cloud-based service that enables businesses and channel partners to provide the benefits of real-time location sharing to their customers.

Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets – mobile offline

Enhanced offline experiences for mobile users that depends on cloud-based services for synchronization.

System Telemetry

Cloud-based insights into system operations and performance.

Enable help for Field Service

To make sure users get the right information when they click the Help button, you need to set Dynamics 365 to use custom Help. Go to Settings > Administration, click System Settings, click the General tab, and select Yes for Use custom Help for customizable entities.

Customize Field Service forms and reports

If you want to customize any of the Field Service forms, dashboards, or reports, you can find more information about customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the following links: