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Navigate the service calendar (Customer Service)

In the Service calendar, you can do the following tasks and activities:

  • View your organization's daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of appointments and service activities.

  • View work schedules and service activity schedules for a variety of resources.

  • Create new appointments and schedule service activities.

  • Change the status of an existing service activity.

  • Search for conflicts in the schedule.

You can’t customize the Service calendar or change the default view with the application. However, you can ask your system administrator to change the colors of the time blocks.

  1. Go to Service > Service Calendar.

  2. A list of resources is displayed on the left side of the calendar in alphabetical order. To view the resources, appointments, and service activities for anyone in your organization, in the Type list, select Resource, and then in the View list select the resource view.

  3. To find a specific resource, in the Search box, enter the first few letters of a name.

  4. To view the details of any resource, appointment, or service activity, select the record in the list to the left of the calendar, and then at the bottom of the calendar, under the Zoom scale, click the Expand button to expand the preview pane. You can also double-click a record to open it.

  5. The Calendar pane appears on the right side of the calendar. It can be collapsed or expanded. To change the date, click a date in the calendar. Use the arrows on either side of the month to change the month displayed.

  6. To change the number of days that are displayed in the linear calendar, click any of the calendar options in the Calendar pane.

  7. To change how much of the calendar is available to view, use the Zoom scale. Select specific date ranges to view in the From and To lists.

Legend of colors and statuses

Appointments and service activities appear in the linear calendar as labeled color blocks. Move your mouse over these blocks to see the status of the appointment or service activity.

Applies To

Dynamics 365 (online)

Dynamics 365 (on-premises)

Dynamics CRM Online

Dynamics CRM 2016

Dynamics CRM 2015

Dynamics CRM 2013