System Settings dialog box - Reporting tab

Use the settings on this page to configure reporting settings for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Open the Reporting System Settings dialog box (if it’s not already open)

  1. Make sure that you have the System Administrator or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions.

    Check your security role

    • Follow the steps in View your user profile.

    • Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

  2. Go to Settings > Administration.

  3. Choose System Settings > Reporting tab.



Specify report categories

Default categories:

  • Sales Reports

  • Service Reports

  • Marketing Reports

  • Administrative Reports


If you add a new category or change existing categories, you should also change the default views available for the Report record type. Otherwise, users won't have a way to see all reports in the new categories.

Default value

Unassigned. Select the default report category.

Set whether user can embed Power BI tiles

Lets users embed Power BI for Office 365 tiles on their personal dashboards. A Power BI tile is a snapshot of the user's data, such as a chart, map, or aggregate number. More information: Add or edit Power BI tiles on your dashboard

Default value

No. Users cannot embed Power BI tiles on their personal dashboards.

Applies To

Dynamics CRM 2013

Dynamics CRM 2015

Dynamics CRM 2016

Dynamics CRM Online