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Volume licensing FAQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online)

Do you offer volume discounts to businesses?

Yes. Discounts are available for Microsoft Dynamics enterprise agreement customers (typically 250+ licenses) who want to purchase through volume licensing. A Microsoft expert can help you explore the purchasing options for large enterprises and help you determine which is best for you. More information:  Enterprise Agreements

Which volume licensing programs apply to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online)?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) is available through the Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, and Campus and School Agreement volume licensing programs. The agreement you select will be on the same billing and contract schedule as any existing volume licensing agreements that you might have.

Can I move existing licenses from a direct purchase subscription to an enterprise agreement?

Yes. If you who purchased Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) with a credit card or through invoicing, you can move to an enterprise agreement by following these steps:

  1. Place an order through a Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) licenses.


    It is important to order (at minimum) the same number of licenses and add-ons that you currently have to ensure that you do not lose data. For example, if you have 50 Professional licenses, 3 additional production instances, and 5 GB of storage, be sure to order the same number of licenses and add-ons (or more).

  2. Once the order has been invoiced, the Online Service Manager (OSM) identified on the enterprise agreement will receive an activation email, which allows the OSM to sign in to the existing Dynamics 365 (online) account and associate the new licenses to it. The new order will pool with your existing licenses, but does not cancel the direct purchase subscription.


    If the purchase was made on an enterprise agreement that already includes Microsoft Online Services licenses, for example Microsoft Office 365 or Intune, then the Dynamics 365 (online) licenses will automatically attach to that Microsoft Online Services account and cannot be associated to your existing Dynamics 365 (online) account. If the licenses need to be separated, this requires a special amendment from your Microsoft Licensing Sales Specialist.

  3. To cancel the direct purchase subscription, open a Service Request through the Admin Portal to contact Billing Support and inform them that you have purchased a license through volume licensing and request them to cancel the direct purchase subscription. This step is required in order to discontinue the credit card or invoice billing.

How can I have the activation email resent?

The activation email is sent to the Online Services Manager (OSM), who is a participant identified on the enterprise agreement. If the activation email needs to be resent, call Billing Support to make the request. Please be prepared to provide company information to verify personally identifiable information (PII).


The activation email can only be resent to the OSM. If the OSM is unavailable and the email needs to be sent to a different contact, please contact your Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner to request that the OSM information be changed. Once the information is changed, you will need to make a new request to Billing Support to resend the activation email to the new OSM.

How do I add more licenses or add-ons, such as additional instances or storage when I have purchased through volume licensing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) customers that purchased their subscription through volume licensing have two options to add more licenses or purchase add-ons:

  • Add them through the Volume Licensing Service Center using the License Reservation feature, which allows you to immediately add licenses or add-ons and then pay for them at the agreement anniversary time as a True-Up. Licenses are accessible within hours.

  • Place an order through the standard Purchase Order process through the Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner. Licenses are accessible in up to 12 hours after the order is processed by Microsoft.

If I accidentally attach the volume licensing licenses by signing in to the wrong account, how can I move the licenses to the correct account?

To reassign the account to which your volume licensing agreement licenses are attached, contact Billing Support and request to have your agreement remapped to a new account.


The licenses cannot be remapped to a different account if you already own Microsoft Online Services licenses (Office 365 or Intune) on the same agreement, because all Microsoft Online Services licenses are attached to the same account.

Where do I find support for my Dynamics 365 (online) volume licensing invoice?

For assistance with a volume licensing invoice, contact your Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner.

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