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Create and view social media outlets

In Microsoft Dynamics Marketing social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook are media outlets. Users can create an unlimited number of Facebook and Twitter media outlets; each one corresponding to a single Twitter or Facebook account. More information: Manage media outlets


To work with social media outlets, you must be a user of type Media Buyer and have Edit/View Media Outlets privileges. More information: Work with user accounts and staff contacts

View social media outlets

Choose Assets & Media > Media Planning > Media Outlets.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays all the media outlets in the system.

Create new social media outlets

  1. Click the New button  .

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will prompt you to select the Media Outlet type.

  2. Select Social Media.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing opens the new Social Media Outlet page.

  3. Select the social media site - currently your choices are Facebook or Twitter.

  4. Enter your user name, account or login (for Facebook or Twitter).

  5. Click the Authorize Access button at the bottom of the page.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays the appropriate Request for Permission page for the specified social media site.

  6. Enter the other optional information such as company details.