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Describe campaigns with campaign briefs

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides a flexible campaign brief function. Marketing best practices include using campaign briefs to describe campaigns in detail. Here's a best practices example of a campaign brief included in Dynamics Marketing that incorporates elements from a variety of sources.

Campaign briefs

Your organization may use a different format. Here's what this example brief includes:

  • Objectives:

    High-level objectives for the campaign, such as awareness, leads, recruiting, etc.

  • Goals:

    What are the specific targets for the campaign?

  • Target Audience:

    Define the target audience - geographic, demographic, company size, etc.

  • Competition:

    Define the competitive environment.

  • Insights:

    What are the key issues, concerns, and "pains"? What does our audience care about?

  • Beliefs:

    What are current beliefs about the product/service being promoted?

  • Differentiators:

    What are the features that differentiate the product/service being promoted?

  • Benefits:

    What are the key benefits of the product/service being promoted?

  • Proofs:

    What are proof points we can use -  awards, references, testimonials, etc.

  • Tone:

    Should the tone be serious, irreverent, fun, or straightforward?

  • Accelerator: Is there a special offer, incentive to motivate response?

  • Call To Action:

    What action do we want them to take?

  • Other:

    Are there any other considerations, deadlines, and information to include in the campaign?

Enter a campaign brief

  1. Choose the Brief tab.

    Dynamics Marketing displays all the sections of the brief that have already been completed.

  2. Choose the New button on the button bar.

  3. Select a category, type in the information.

  4. Choose Submit.

Edit information

  1. Select the information you want to edit.

    Dynamics Marketing displays the information in an editable page.

  2. Change the information, choose Submit.