Microsoft Dynamics
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Manage campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides powerful functions that you let plan, execute, track, and analyze marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Features include:

  • Campaign management: Plan, track, and analyze the ROI of marketing campaigns.

  • Campaign automation: Create automated rule-based campaigns using intuitive flowcharting tools.

  • Behavioral analysis: Track the ways your contacts engage with your campaigns, emails, landing pages, offers, events, and more. You can also use this data to score and quality leads.

Example of an automated campaign: When a prospect requests more information on a landing page, Dynamics Marketing reacts by sending the prospect a series of four email messages, each scheduled 10 days apart. Once the four emails have been sent, Dynamics Marketing creates a task for the sales rep whose territory the prospect is in to call the prospect by phone. Then, a week later, Dynamics Marketing creates a task to have an information package sent via the postal service to the prospect.