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Media calendars

When you open the media calendar for the first time Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays all ads running during the current week. When you put your cursor over a calendar item, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays more information about the item.

View Media Calendar

Choose Home > Assets & Media > Media Planning > Media Calendar.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays the Media Calendar.

Change the display format (day, week, month)

Click the appropriate toggle button.

Change the day, week, or month that is displayed

Click the appropriate date in the date picker calendar.

Filter the information displayed on the calendar

Use the pull-down menus to pick the specific information you want to be displayed on the calendar. You can also select specific orders, expenses or both using the check boxes that are displayed on the calendar.

Send the information to Excel

Click the Excel button .

Print the information

Click the Print button .

Privacy notices

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing represents that data obtained through the Media service is sourced from third parties with whom you have separate agreements that enable the submission of this data. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing does not guarantee that the data is accurate or free from errors. As a condition of this service, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has obtained consent from you to share certain contact information with the third-party providers.

Please note the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services may include links to third-party services, like Facebook or Twitter, or Microsoft products or services, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, whose privacy practices may differ from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services. Your use of such services, and any information you provide to a third party, is governed by their privacy statements. We encourage you to review these other privacy statements.